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Flutter plugin in pure Dart code for selecting/editing multiple images from the Android/iOS image library and taking new pictures with the camera in the same view.

[0.1.7+1] #

  • Update:
    • Fix required dart version

[0.1.7] #

  • Update:
    • Upgrade packages
    • Support for flutter 3.x

[0.1.6+1] #

  • Update:
    • Update readme

[0.1.6] #

  • Update:
    • Camera, photo manager packages

[0.1.5+5] #

  • Fixbugs:
    • Check permission for camera & photo gallery
    • Fixbug about OCR text editting

[0.1.5+1] #

  • New features:
    • Add custom stickers (by @matthewmizzi suggestion)

[0.1.5] #

  • New features:
    • Object detection & OCR extraction interface for image

[0.1.4]d #

  • New ImagePickerConfigs features:

    • Camera flash mode flashMode, the starting flash mode for the camera can be set to other values than The default is as in previous version where it could not be modified.
    • Option to remove the flash mode toggle button. If you do not want to allow users to change the flash mode, you can set showFlashMode to false. It defaults to true. If showFlashMode is false, the flash mode will use what is set by flashMode, since user cannot toggle it.
    • Config option to show and hide the lens direction icon button. If you want to show only one camera, you may also want to hide the button than enables users switch camera. You can then set showLensDirection to false. If you show just one cameraLensDirection and showLensDirection is true, then the lens direction button is still shown, but disabled as in previous versions.
    • Only add the text line for textSelectedImagesGuide if it is not empty. If no drag reorder guidance label is specified in translation by returning empty string '' for textSelectedImagesGuide, then the extra line that holds the text will also be removed, resulting in more camera view space.
    • For label textSelectedImagesTitle only show it, the colon and space after it, if it is not empty. If you return a translated string that is empty '', you can get only the selected "image / max" count shown, with no label and colon.
    • Use an IconButton as done button, instead of the default OutlinedButton. Set doneButtonStyle to [DoneButtonStyle.iconButton] for this option. Defaults to DoneButtonStyle.outlinedButton, that is the same as only option in previous versions. You can also change the button icon by defining custom IconData for the doneButtonIcon.
    • Hide done action button when no images have been selected. This is optional new behavior that can be used instead of default, that disables it. Select the style with doneButtonDisabledBehavior.
    • Optional alert when removing selected images. If you set showRemoveImageAlert to false, there is no alert dialog to confirm the remove/delete of an image, when user clicks on the delete icon to remove photos and images from the list of images to be used, they are just removed immediately. Defaults to true, showing the alert dialog, which is same behavior as in previous version.
  • Update all dependencies to their latest versions, most notably image_editor to version 1.0.1 that now uses Android embedding V2.

  • Clean up remaining lint warnings.

[0.1.3] #

  • Improve code lintings.

[0.1.2] #

  • Add feature to allow user add their owned image editors with ease (from mr.minhthuanit)

[0.1.1] #

  • Optimize code by applying lint option from mr.rydmike
  • Update camera plugin

[0.1.0] #

  • Rewrite image sticker feature
  • Update camera plugin to v0.9.1
  • Improve UI customization

[0.0.5+3] #

  • Fixbug repo

[0.0.5+2] #

  • Fixbug UI

[0.0.5+1] #

  • Fixbug CameraPreview error while get camera permission

[0.0.5] #

  • Fixbug when removing selected images from list
  • Fixbug when capture image rotated 270 degree

[0.0.4+1] #

  • Update setting instructions for android

[0.0.4] #

  • Fixbug image rotated in some android device
  • Modified max width / max height default setting for capture images

[0.0.3] #

  • Add ON/OFF camera/album feature
  • Add lens direction setting feature

[0.0.2+2] #

  • Fixbug camera number.

[0.0.2+1] #

  • Lock capture orientation.

[0.0.2] #

  • Migrated to null safety.

[0.0.2-nullsafety.1] #

  • Migrate to null safety.

[0.0.1+1] #

  • Format code.

[0.0.1] #

  • Initial release.
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Flutter plugin in pure Dart code for selecting/editing multiple images from the Android/iOS image library and taking new pictures with the camera in the same view.

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camera, flutter, flutter_native_image, image, image_cropper, image_editor, path_provider, photo_manager, photo_view


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