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Top web-compatible packages

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  • sse

    Provides client and server functionality for setting up bi-directional communication through Server Sent Events (SSE) and corresponding POST requests.

  • universal_html

    Cross-platform 'dart:html' that works in the browser, Dart VM, and Flutter.

  • googleapis_auth dart.dev

    Obtain Access credentials for Google services using OAuth 2.0

  • codemirror

    A Dart wrapper around the CodeMirror text editor.

  • google_maps

    With that package you will be able to use Google Maps JavaScript API from Dart scripts.

  • w_flux workiva.com

    Flux library for uni-directional dataflow inspired by reflux and Facebook's flux architecture.

  • angular_forms

    Forms framework for AngularDart.

  • over_react workiva.com

    A library for building statically-typed React UI components using Dart.

  • firebase_web

    Firebase libraries for Dart on the web and server with Cloud Functions

  • modern_charts

    A package for creating simple yet modern looking charts.

  • stagexl

    A fast and universal 2D rendering engine for HTML5 and Dart.

  • react

    Bindings of the ReactJS library for building interactive interfaces.

  • key_value_store_web

    A multiplatform key-value store implementation for web.

  • dnd

    Drag and Drop for Dart web apps with mouse and touch support.

  • skawa_material_components

    Additional Material Design components for AngularDart. Complements the official `angular_components` package.