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Compile and run a Flutter app without needing any C/C++ code. Just Dart!

Package: win32_runner Publisher: Language: Dart License: BSD-3-Clause

An experimental package that allows you to run Flutter apps from a Dart runner instead of the default C++ runner that is provided when you create a new Flutter project using flutter create.

This package is particularly useful if you want to create a Windows Flutter app without the need for a C++ compiler on your system.

Important Note: This package is currently in an experimental stage and should not be used for production applications. It is primarily a proof-of-concept, and as such, it has some limitations. For example, it does not support plugins.

Usage #

You can use the sample app in the example\ subdirectory to run an existing Flutter app on Windows using the Dart runner:

  1. Clone the repository:
C:\src> git clone
C:\src> cd win32_runner
  1. Install dependencies:
C:\src\win32_runner> dart pub get
  1. Create a sample app:
C:\src\win32_runner> cd ..
C:\src> flutter create simpleapp
C:\src> cd simpleapp
  1. Compile Flutter code and assets to the build\ subdirectory:
C:\src\simpleapp> flutter assemble -dTargetPlatform=windows-x64 --output=build -dBuildMode=release release_bundle_windows-x64_assets
  1. Compile Dart runner:
C:\src\simpleapp> dart compile exe ..\win32_runner\example\win32_runner.dart -o win32_runner.exe
  1. Run Flutter app:
C:\src\simpleapp> .\win32_runner

Once you've followed these steps, you should see your Flutter app running on Windows using the Dart runner:


Feature requests and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

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Compile and run a Flutter app without needing any C/C++ code. Just Dart!

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