vue 0.4.2
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Vue bindings for Dart

VueDart #

VueDart lets you create Vue web apps using Dart.

Website and documentation #

Status #

What works:

  • App and component definitions.
  • Templates.
  • Data.
  • Properties.
  • Computed data.
  • Methods.
  • Refs.
  • Lifecycle callbacks.
  • Mixins.
  • vue-router.
  • Scoped styles.

What doesn't work:

  • Render functions (or at least, they don't work well).
  • Some of the instance properties.
  • Server-side rendering.
  • Hardcoded support for the Vuex plugin.
  • Generic plugin support (this is going to take a while though).

Based on the official Vue logo. I basically just changed the color.