scopify 0.2.2
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A library for compiling scoped styles

scopify #

scopify implements scoped styling in a manner similar to HTML5 and Vue. It processes the given HTML nodes and CSS stylesheets in-place, adding specialized attributes that make sure the CSS can only ever modify the given HTML.

Example #

import 'package:csslib/parser.dart' as css;
import 'package:csslib/visitor.dart' show CssPrinter;
import 'package:html/parser.dart' as html;

import 'package:scopify/scopify.dart';

void main() {
  var myCss = 'p#my-id { color: purple; }';
  var myHtml = '<p id="my-id">purplified text here</p>';

  // First, we have to parse the CSS and HTMl text.
  var style = css.parse(myCss);
  var node = html.parse(myHtml);

  // Now, we can call scopify. It takes two arguments: a list of HTML nodes, and a list of CSS
  // stylesheets to process.
  scopify(html: [node], css: [style]);

  // The HTML and CSS parse trees were modified in-place. Now, the CSS will only ever modify this
  // HTML code, even when combined with other HTML code.

  // To get the resulting HTML:
  var resultHtml = node.outerHtml;

  // and CSS:
  var printer = new CssPrinter();
  var resultCss = printer.toString();