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Responsive Data Grid for Flutter inspired by Kendo UI's Grid functionality with full filtering, sorting, and paging that also responds dynamically to screen size using the same metaphor as bootstrap grid.

[0.0.23] - September 27th 2021 #

  1. Added Title Shape and default to a slight rounded edge
  2. Updated to BootstrapGrid 1.0.2
  3. Added xxl column size.
  4. Added column spacing. (spacing property)

[0.0.21] - September 10th, 2021 #

  1. Added Pager control with paging functionality instead of just infinite scroll. Does not have the page numbers, just forward and back for now. Next step will be adding them.
  2. Added pagerMode property that defaults to automatic which prefers infinite scroll, but in cases where there is unbounded height it will automatically use the pager and size the grid according to the contents.
  3. Added pagerMode = none which will pull all of the data from the source up to the maxItems property.
  4. Added serverSide and clientSide constructors that allow you to define how you're going to use the grid. Server mode pulls data as before using the loadData() method, whereas clientSide provides a list of items to be used.
  5. Enabled client side full filtering and ordering when using a in memory list for the contents of the grid.
  6. Improved filter types to include clear options.
  7. Fixed a number of stubtle issues with generics.
  8. Added InfiniteScollingList and updated the infinite scrolling functionality to use it with all of it's abilities which makes hte scrolling much smoother when getting from the data source, and handles errors better.
  9. Refactored Columns to be explicit types to fix a series of issues with Dart not being able to infer column typing properly from what was put in. Added EnumColumn which allows you to quickly create a column that can filter on the values of an enum.
  10. Depends on Dart 2.14 for better enum functionality (Enum can now be a constraint on generics!)
  11. Updated to Flutter 2.5 implicitly, but still only depends on Flutter 2.2.
  12. Updated linting to the new flutter 2.5 linting functionality.
  13. Add Widget column type to pass in a hard coded widget quickly.

[0.0.13] - September 7th, 2021 #

  1. Added the remaining filter types and ensured that custom filters are possible. Cleaned up the entire filter process.
  2. Fixed an issue with order by
  3. Fixed multiple filter issue.
  4. Made FieldName required.

[0.0.12] - August 11th, 2021 #

  1. Improved scrolling functionality so that the grid will scale automatically to whatever content there is, unless the height parameter is specified or it reaches the totality of the parent's height. If the grid is in a scrollable it will not itself scroll as this would cause an infinite height. Instead it will allow the parent scrollable to scroll and be the full size unless the height property is specified in which case there is a defined total height and it will then allow internal scrolling inside the parent scrollable.
  2. Enabled scroll physics as an option on the grid that defaults to Bouncing.
  3. Enable row divider option by setting separatorThickness. (Null = none)
  4. Add Title support with themeing based on the appbar by default but you can override it.
  5. Add elevation support - Give the grid a drop shadow
  6. Add padding support - Add the grid in it's parent.
  7. Added support for the DataTableTheme within theming so that all elements follow the same rules for styling by default as the DataTableTheme that you have assigned on your MaterialApp.
  8. Added textStyle properties to both the header and the fields so that you can override the values on a case by case basis.

[0.0.7] #

  • Updated to use client_filtering shared library

[0.0.2] #

  • Changed LoadResult.items to List

[0.0.1] #

  • Initial commit of Responsive Data Grid
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Responsive Data Grid for Flutter inspired by Kendo UI's Grid functionality with full filtering, sorting, and paging that also responds dynamically to screen size using the same metaphor as bootstrap grid.

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