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A Dart package containing re-usable components for making a pub package server.

Provides re-usable code for making a Dart package repository server. The package:pub_server/shelf_pubserver.dart library provides a shelf HTTP handler which provides the HTTP API used by the pub client. One can use different backend implementations by implementing the PackageRepository interface of the package:pub_server/repository.dart library.

Example pub repository server #

An experimental pub server based on a file system can be found in example/example.dart. It uses a filesystem-based PackageRepository for storing packages and has a read-only fallback to the real site, if a package is not available locally. This allows one to use all packages and have additional ones, on top of the publicly available packages, available only locally.

It can be run as follows

~ $ git clone
~ $ cd pub_server
~/pub_server $ pub get
~/pub_server $ dart example/example.dart -d /tmp/package-db
Listening on http://localhost:8080

To make the pub client use this repository configure your shell via:

    $ export PUB_HOSTED_URL=http://localhost:8080

Using it for uploading new packages to the locally running server or downloading packages locally available or via a fallback to is as easy as:

~/foobar $ export PUB_HOSTED_URL=http://localhost:8080
~/foobar $ pub get
~/foobar $ pub publish
Publishing x 0.1.0 to http://localhost:8080:
|-- ...
'-- pubspec.yaml

Looks great! Are you ready to upload your package (y/n)? y
Successfully uploaded package.

The fact that the pub publish command requires you to grant it oauth2 access - which requires a Google account - is due to the fact that the pub publish cannot work without authentication or with another authentication scheme. But the information sent by the pub client is not used for this local server at the moment.

NOTE: This is package is an alpha version and is not recommended for production use.

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A Dart package containing re-usable components for making a pub package server.

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dart2_constant, http_parser, logging, mime, pub_semver, shelf, yaml


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