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Fluent themed widget for generating rich information link from URL.

Fluent themed rich information link widgets in Flutter #

oghref_fluent version

Providing rich information links in Fluent themed widgets.

Setup #

Basic #

  1. Add dependencies into pubspec.yaml:

        oghref_fluent: ^1.0.0 # Latest version
        # If required to design your own custom parsers, please also add these dependencies below:
        oghref_model: ^2.0.1
  2. Configurate platforms manifest files

  3. Perform initalizations before runApp

    void main() {
        runApp(const App());
  4. Either implement OgHrefFluentCard or OgHrefFluentTile depending your preference by referring to example

Advance #

  • If custom property parser is used, please attach the parser into MetaFetch between initalizations and runApp:

    MetaFetch().register(const CustomParser());

Usages #

Please refer to wiki page.