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np8080 0.0.26 #

NP8080 is a simple notepad type app for the web with some text processing features. It is lightweight and fast to load. 100% functionality when offline so great for Chromebooks.

NP8080 Screenshot

I use it daily as a scratchpad, a markdown editor and for notes. Particularly handy when working in the context of a web browser as switching tabs is far smoother than switching applications.

You can try it out here.

Feature requests, bug reports and pull requests welcome!

Development Details #

NP8080 is written in Angular Dart and can be hosted on any web server as it is client-side. Find out more about Dart.

Build Status

Run tests with (note tests mostly moved to sub-packages):

  • pub run test -p chrome

Run in development with:

  • pub serve

Build for deployment with:

  • pub build --mode=release --output=build

Check source code formatting:

  • dartfmt -n .



  • Moved to Angular Dart 4.0.0 release.
  • Improved Reader view a) Removed dialog header and b) use theme border colour.
  • Added Numbering entry to Modify menu.
  • Fixed ordering of Manual content to match menu order.
  • Removed link to Notesboard 8080.


  • Editing a document name can be confirmed by pressing return.
  • Selecting a timestamp can made by pressing return.
  • Improved theming of Menus.
  • Border of editor now matches theme.
  • More Unit tests.
  • Focus set on default dialog inputs.
  • Moved to Angular Dart Beta.


  • Added normalise.css and reorganised CSS.
  • Updated About dialog to match Manual & Updated Welcome text.
  • Refactor textdocument class.
  • Menus now close afterclick on item rather than relying on MouseOut.
  • Added Split (by a specified delimiter) feature under modify.
  • Added Reader option to View menu.
  • Refactoring of 'component' name.


  • Custom time/date format in Timestamp dialog.
  • Moved to Angular Dart 4 Alpha 1.
  • Can now Delete lines that do not contain a string.
  • Added Manual under Help menu.
  • Style updates.


  • Moved to Angular Dart 4 Alpha.
  • Angular package import changed to 'angular'.
  • Persist markdown preview display on/off setting.
  • Dialogs refactored with common base class.
  • Styling updates to dialog headers.
  • Replace dialog non-modal and can be moved with buttons in header bar.
  • Replace dialog can insert a newline before the replace also.
  • Update pubspec for 'Dart 2.0' dev releases.
  • Added first shortcut [Ctrl-Q] to display Replace dialog.


  • Moved to use minibus package for sending events.
  • Link to NB8080 added.
  • Preview for generate sequence added.
  • Timestamp is now a dialog with a selection of formats.


  • Moved to use stringprocess package for all string operations.
  • No confirmation required for Start items if note is blank.
  • Dialogs now use Eventbus to trigger modal display.
  • Services now at the application level.
  • Restyle toolbar.


  • Favicon updated.
  • HTML unencode.


  • Styling updated for UI and Editor.
  • Generate can now add a new line after each string being repeated.
  • New advanced menu with the Uri Encode/Decode options.
  • Updated to AngularDart 3.1.0.

Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  np8080: ^0.0.26

2. Install it

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with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

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