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Progressive Web App library

Progressive Web App (PWA) for Dart #

Progressive web apps (PWA) are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application. This new application model attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience.

Warning: the API is experimental, and subject to change.

Background #

PWA is using ServiceWorkers:

Learn more about PWAs:

Articles about this packages:

Tutorial and Examples #

Getting started


This library requires webdev installed locally. Install it using the command:

pub global activate webdev

  • Getting started: pwa_defaults

    • Shows you how to use the pwa package and what it does.
    • Enables offline asset caching for you web app out-of-the-box.
  • Additional offline urls: additional_offline_urls

    • Show you how to create the entry point for customization.
    • Gives you the ability to add additional URLs for the offline cache.

Customize caching

  • Custom routes: custom_routes
    • Familiarize yourself with caching and routes.
    • Customize cache behavior for different parts of your app.

Push notification

  • Push notification: push_notification
    • Check and/or request Push permission.
    • Trigger and handle push event, show notification.

Planned features #

  • Typed Window <-> Worker communication, both Streams and request-reply patterns, something like:

    typedef Future<S> AsyncFunction<R, S>(R request);
    typedef S WireAdapter<R, S>(R input);
    abstract class MessageHub {
      AsyncFunction<R, S> getFunction<R, S>(String type,
          {WireAdapter<R, dynamic> encoder, WireAdapter<dynamic, S> decoder});
      void setHandler<R, S>(String type, AsyncFunction<R, S> handler,
          {WireAdapter<dynamic, R> decoder, WireAdapter<S, dynamic> encoder});
      Sink<T> getSink<T>(String type, {WireAdapter<T, dynamic> encoder});
      Stream<T> getStream<T>(String type, {WireAdapter<dynamic, T> decoder});
  • Push Notification

    • notification for the client app
    • one-method registration and/or status request
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Progressive Web App library

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