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This package provides Flutter widgets to display vertical Mongolian.

mongol #

This library is a collection of Flutter widgets for displaying traditional Mongolian vertical text.

Vertical text #

MongolText is a vertical text version of Flutter's Text widget. Left-to-right line wrapping is supported.

MongolText('ᠨᠢᠭᠡ ᠬᠣᠶᠠᠷ ᠭᠤᠷᠪᠠ ᠳᠦᠷᠪᠡ ᠲᠠᠪᠤ ᠵᠢᠷᠭᠤᠭ᠎ᠠ ᠨᠠᠢᠮᠠ ᠶᠢᠰᠦ ᠠᠷᠪᠠ'),

The library supports mobile, web, and desktop.

Emoji and CJK characters #

The library rotates emoji and CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters for proper orientation.

Text styling #

You add styling using TextSpan and/or TextStyle, just as you would for a Text widget.
  textScaleFactor: 2.5,

where textSpan is defined like so:

const textSpan = TextSpan(
  style: TextStyle(fontSize: 30, color:,
  children: [
    TextSpan(text: 'ᠨᠢᠭᠡ\n', style: TextStyle(fontSize: 40)),
    TextSpan(text: 'ᠬᠣᠶᠠᠷ', style: TextStyle(backgroundColor: Colors.yellow)),
      text: ' ᠭᠤᠷᠪᠠ ',
      style: TextStyle(shadows: [
          blurRadius: 3.0,
          color: Colors.lightGreen,
          offset: Offset(3.0, -3.0),
    TextSpan(text: 'ᠳᠦᠷ'),
    TextSpan(text: 'ᠪᠡ ᠲᠠᠪᠤ ᠵᠢᠷᠭᠤ', style: TextStyle(color:,
    TextSpan(text: 'ᠭ᠎ᠠ ᠨᠠᠢᠮᠠ '),
    TextSpan(text: 'ᠶᠢᠰᠦ ', style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20)),
        text: 'ᠠᠷᠪᠠ',
            TextStyle(fontFamily: 'MenksoftAmuguleng', color: Colors.purple)),

This all assumes you've added one or more Mongolian fonts to your app assets.

Adding a Mongolian font #

Previous versions of this library included a Mongolian font. However, as of version 0.6.0, the font is removed. This allows the library to be smaller and also gives developers the freedom to choose any Mongolian font they like.

Since it's likely that some of your users' devices won't have a Mongolian font installed, you should include at least one Mongolian font with your project. Here is what you need to do:

1. Get a font #

You can find a font from the following companies:

This one from Menksoft is the one that used to be included in the library.

2. Add the font to your project #

You can get directions to do that here and here.

Basically you just need to create an assets/fonts folder for it and then declare the font in pubspec.yaml like this:

    - family: MenksoftQagan
        - asset: assets/fonts/MQG8F02.ttf

You can call the family name whatever you want, but this string is what you will use in the next step.

3. Set the default Mongolian font for your app #

In your main.dart file, set the fontFamily for the app theme.

  title: 'My App',
  theme: ThemeData(fontFamily: 'MenksoftQagan'),
  home: MyHomePage(),

Now you won't have to manually set the font for every Mongolian text widget. If you want to use a different font for some widgets, though, you can still set the fontFamily as you normally would inside TextStyle.

You may also consider using mongol_code with a Menksoft font if your users have devices that don't support OpenType Unicode font rendering. mongol_code converts Unicode to Menksoft code, which a Menksoft font can display without any special rendering requirements.

MongolAlertDialog #

This alert dialog works mostly the same as the Flutter AlertDialog.

Keyboard and vertical TextField #

These are not part of mongol library yet, but you can see an example of how to make a custom in-app keyboard and a vertical TextField in the example app that's included with this library. Here is a screenshot from the demo app:

The text field is just a standard TextField rotated by 90 degrees. For that reason, it only supports single line input.


  • Multiline MongolTextField class
  • Improved keyboard
  • Various other text based widgets
  • Support WidgetSpan.
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This package provides Flutter widgets to display vertical Mongolian.

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