mason 0.0.1-dev.45
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A Dart template generator which helps teams generate files quickly and consistently.

0.0.1-dev.45 #

  • fix: mason bundle add .otf support.

0.0.1-dev.44 #

  • feat: custom file conflict resolution via mason make --on-conflict

0.0.1-dev.43 #

  • feat: support partials


    ├── {{~ }}
    └── {{~ }}

    {{~ }}

    # 🧱 {{name}}

    {{~ }}

    _made with 💖 by mason_

    {{> }}
    Hello {{name}}!
    {{> }}

    $ mason make hello --name Dash

    # 🧱 Dash
    Hello Dash!
    _made with 💖 by mason_

0.0.1-dev.42 #

  • fix: improve mason make --help to show complete usage information

    Generate code using an existing brick template.
    Usage: mason make [arguments]
    -h, --help           Print this usage information.
    -c, --config-path    Path to config json file containing variables.
    -o, --output-dir     Directory where to output the generated code.
                        (defaults to ".")
    Run "mason help" to see global options.

0.0.1-dev.41 #

  • feat: add OverwriteRule for file conflict resolution (Yna)
    • Y - overwrite (default)
    • n - do not overwrite
    • a - overwrite this and all others

0.0.1-dev.40 #

  • fix: create target directory if it does not exist

0.0.1-dev.39 #

  • feat!: update mason make to support custom output directory via --output-dir (-o)
  • refactor!: rename mason bundle --directory (-d) to mason bundle --output-dir (-o)
  • refactor!: rename mason make --json (-j) to mason make --config-path (-c)

0.0.1-dev.38 #

  • feat!: remove --force from mason cache clear
    • mason cache clear will remove all local bricks so --force is not necessary
  • fix: mason cache clear behavior to always clear local and global brick caches
  • fix: local and global brick installation conflicts
  • fix: mason list duplicate bricks
  • refactor: MasonCache to BricksJson
    • simplification of internal APIs and cache implementation

0.0.1-dev.37 #

  • feat: add mason list command
  • docs: update command descriptions for consistency

0.0.1-dev.36 #

  • feat: add mason uninstall command

0.0.1-dev.35 #

  • fix: adjust mason cache clear --force target directory to avoid deleting local files

0.0.1-dev.34 #

  • fix: local mason get installation location for remote bricks
  • fix!: always attempt to fetch latest remote brick
    • mason get no longer supports --force since it is handled automatically

0.0.1-dev.33 #

  • feat: mason install command for global brick templates
  • docs: update mustache manual link
  • docs: update mason.yaml from init to use https for git

0.0.1-dev.32 #

  • feat!: windows compatibility fixes
    • 100% compatibility across macos, linux, and windows
    • if you are experiencing issues after upgrading, try force re-fetching all templates via mason get --force

0.0.1-dev.31 #

  • feat: new templates are readily available
  • docs: update README usage section to include bundle
  • docs: update file resolution section and include note about unescaped variables

0.0.1-dev.30 #

  • fix: improved error handling and error reporting
    • improve error message when mason new is missing a brick name
    • improve error message when mason make is missing a subcommand
    • mason get handle empty brick list in mason.yaml
    • avoid hydrating cache when bricks.json is empty.
  • docs: add bundling documentation to README

0.0.1-dev.29 #

  • refactor: update logger api to support nullable strings

0.0.1-dev.28 #

  • BREAKING feat: migrate to null safety
  • BREAKING refactor: update file resolution tag to {{% %}} for windows compatibility
  • fix: normalize brick paths to avoid escaping issues on windows

0.0.1-dev.27 #

  • fix: mason bundle path resolution fixes

0.0.1-dev.26 #

  • feat: exclude analyzer warnings from dart bundle

0.0.1-dev.25 #

  • feat: add mason bundle command
  • feat: add MasonGenerator.fromBundle
  • fix: asset resolution issues

0.0.1-dev.24 #

  • feat: add mason cache clear command
  • fix: mason get restores bricks when brick.json is empty/missing

0.0.1-dev.23 #

  • fix: support non-ascii characters in templates

0.0.1-dev.22 #

  • fix: issue with variable mutation which excluded variables within arrays

0.0.1-dev.21 #

  • feat: export MasonGenerator and relevant objects to allow mason to be consumed as a library
  • feat: expose fromGitPath on MasonGenerator

0.0.1-dev.20 #

  • fix: file loop content template variable resolution

0.0.1-dev.19 #

  • feat: file loop support
  • fix: mason init incorrectly throwing MissingMasonYamlException
  • refactor: simplify MasonGenerator.fromBrickYaml

0.0.1-dev.18 #

  • BREAKING revert: remove dart executable template support
  • feat: add lowerCase and upperCase lambdas
  • fix: support non utf8 encoded files
  • fix: switch templating engine to be lenient by default
  • refactor: avoid templating content with no delimeters

0.0.1-dev.17 #

  • feat: support dart execution inside templates
  • docs: add random_number example
  • fix: handle empty or missing vars in brick.yaml

0.0.1-dev.16 #

  • BREAKING: mason make creates subcommands for all available bricks
    • mason make <BRICK_NAME> -- --var1 value1 --var2 value2 -> mason make <BRICK_NAME> --var1 value1 --var2 value2
  • feat: mason make -h provides a list of available subcommands based on available bricks
  • feat: add mason get to get all bricks
  • feat: support for mason get --force
  • feat: add local cache all bricks
  • feat: improve error handling and messaging
  • feat: require brick name consistency between mason.yaml and brick.yaml
  • fix: handle empty or malformed mason.yaml
  • fix: handle empty or malformed brick.yaml

0.0.1-dev.15 #

  • feat: add mason new to create a new brick
  • feat: mason init sets up bricks with sample
  • fix: support bricks without vars
  • fix: support bricks with empty vars
  • docs: revamp README to include Quick Start section

0.0.1-dev.14 #

  • fix: mason init path resolution

0.0.1-dev.13 #

  • feat: improve mason init output
  • refactor: internal brick improvements
  • refactor: internal configuration file renaming

0.0.1-dev.12 #

  • feat: add mason init
  • feat: improve CLI output and error messages
  • docs: update README documentation

0.0.1-dev.11 #

  • BREAKING: rename templates to bricks
    • rename __template__ to __brick__
    • rename template.yaml to brick.yaml
  • BREAKING: rename mason build to mason make

0.0.1-dev.10 #

  • feat: support file resolution from path variable

0.0.1-dev.9 #

  • fix: unhandled json exception when --json omitted

0.0.1-dev.8 #

  • feat: support for --json option in mason build
  • feat: support loops in templates

0.0.1-dev.7 #

  • BREAKING mason.yaml is required
  • BREAKING template yaml no longer has files
  • BREAKING mason.yaml format changed
    • all template files and directories should be included inside __template__
  • feat: mason.yaml format changed
  • feat: nearest mason.yaml will be used
  • fix: improved error handling
  • docs: README updates

0.0.1-dev.6 #

  • feat: support mason.yaml
  • feat: support prompts for vars
  • refactor: use CommandRunner
  • docs: README updates

0.0.1-dev.5 #

  • fix: stop progress on build error

0.0.1-dev.4 #

  • fix: mason CLI version fix

0.0.1-dev.3 #

  • feat: support for remote templates
  • feat: CLI loading indicator

0.0.1-dev.2 #

  • docs: inline documentation updates

0.0.1-dev.1 #

Dev Release

  • feat: mason build command with custom template
  • feat: mustache template support
  • feat: built-in recase lambdas
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A Dart template generator which helps teams generate files quickly and consistently.

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