login_rtl 0.0.3
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A Login View that supports RTL!

loginrtlview #

LoginRtlView is a ready-made login/signup widget with many animation effects to demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter

Installation #

Follow the install instructions here

Reference #

isLayoutRtlBooleanif you set this value to true the whole UI will turn into RTL mode with arabic language support
onSignupAuthCallbackCalled when the user hit the submit button when in sign up mode
onLoginAuthCallbackCalled when the user hit the submit button when in login mode
onRecoverPasswordRecoverCallbackCalled when the user hit the submit button when in recover password mode
titleStringThe large text above the login [Card], usually the app or company name. Leave the string empty or null if you want no title.
logoStringThe path to the asset image that will be passed to the Image.asset()
messagesLoginMessagesDescribes all of the labels, text hints, button texts and other auth descriptions
themeLoginThemeFlutterLogin's theme. If not specified, it will use the default theme as shown in the demo gifs and use the colorsheme in the closest Theme widget
emailValidatorFormFieldValidator<String>Email validating logic, Returns an error string to display if the input is invalid, or null otherwise
passwordValidatorFormFieldValidator<String>Same as emailValidator but for password
onSubmitAnimationCompletedFunctionCalled after the submit animation's completed. Put your route transition logic here
logoTagStringHero tag for logo image. If not specified, it will simply fade out when changing route
titleTagStringHero tag for title text. Need to specify LoginTheme.beforeHeroFontSize and LoginTheme.afterHeroFontSize if you want different font size before and after hero animation
showDebugButtonsboolDisplay the debug buttons to quickly forward/reverse login animations. In release mode, this will be overrided to false regardless of the value passed in

LoginMessages #

usernameHintStringHint text of the user name [TextField]
passwordHintStringHint text of the password [TextField]
confirmPasswordHintStringHint text of the confirm password [TextField]
forgotPasswordButtonStringForgot password button's label
loginButtonStringLogin button's label
signupButtonStringSignup button's label
recoverPasswordButtonStringRecover password button's label
recoverPasswordIntroStringIntro in password recovery form
recoverPasswordDescriptionStringDescription in password recovery form
goBackButtonStringGo back button's label. Go back button is used to go back to to login/signup form from the recover password form
confirmPasswordErrorStringThe error message to show when the confirm password not match with the original password
recoverPasswordSuccessStringThe success message to show after submitting recover password

LoginTheme #

primaryColorColorThe background color of major parts of the widget like the login screen and buttons
accentColorColorThe secondary color, used for title text color, loading icon, etc. Should be contrast with the [primaryColor]
errorColorColorThe color to use for [TextField] input validation errors
cardThemeCardThemeThe colors and styles used to render auth [Card]
inputThemeInputDecorationThemeDefines the appearance of all [TextField]s
buttonThemeLoginButtonThemeA theme for customizing the shape, elevation, and color of the submit button
titleStyleTextStyleText style for the big title
bodyStyleTextStyleText style for small text like the recover password description
textFieldStyleTextStyleText style for [TextField] input text
buttonStyleTextStyleText style for button text
beforeHeroFontSizedoubleDefines the font size of the title in the login screen (before the hero transition)
afterHeroFontSizedoubleDefines the font size of the title in the screen after the login screen (after the hero transition)
pageColorLightColorThe optional light background color of login screen; if provided, used for light gradient instead of primaryColor
pageColorDarkColorThe optional dark background color of login screen; if provided, used for dark gradient instead of primaryColor