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PageTransformer for flutter

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transformer_page_view #

PageTransformer for flutter

Very simple to use #

import 'package:transformer_page_view/transformer_page_view.dart';


new TransformerPageView(
loop: true,
transformer: new AccordionTransformer(),
itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) {
  return new Container(
    color: list[index%list.length],
    child: new Center(
      child: new Text("$index",style: new TextStyle(fontSize: 80.0,color: Colors.white),),
itemCount: 3)

Almost the same as PageView.builder, simplely specify a transformer to TransformerPageView, which is a sub class of PageTransformer

Show cases #

Parallax #

Welcome view

Basic #


See code here


See code here


See code here


See code here


See code here


See code here

Getting Started #

Installation #



to your pubspec.yaml ,and run

flutter packages get 

in your project's root directory.

Basic Usage #

scrollDirectionAxis.horizontalIf Axis.horizontal, the scroll view's children are arranged horizontally in a row instead of vertically in a column.
loopfalseSet to true to enable continuous loop mode.
indexnoneIndex number of initial slide. if not set , it is controlled by the widget itself,otherwise, it is controlled by another widget, which is returned by itemBuilder
onPageChangedvoid onPageChanged(int index)Called with the new index when the user swiped
durationnew Duration(milliseconds:300)The milliseconds of every transaction animation costs
transformernoneThe most important property of this widget, it returns a transformed widget that based on the widget parameter. If the value is null, a itemBuilder must be specified
itemCountnoneNumber of the total items
itemBuildernoneA function that returns a widget based on index,if it's null,a transformer must be specified

Build-in Parallax #

We provide 3 build-in parallaxes, which handle color、image and container


ParallaxColor handles the color transform, which controls the color transform from one to another.


ParallaxImage handles the image, which speed is slower than the PageView


ParallaxContainer handles the text or other staff, which speed is faster than the PageView

3 build-in parallaxes are all used in subclass of PageTransform,group these parallaxes together, we can create very cool things.

Inspired by page-transformer, and we have an easier way to create this.

See code here

Custom animation #