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Performantly render scientific LaTeX equations using the KaTeX library on Android, iOS, the Web and the Desktop platform.

4.0.2+26 - Fixed escape of delimiters #

  • You may now escape your specified delimiter by \$delimiter: Delimiter: $ $x^2 + \$ \cdot $

4.0.1+25 - Improved rendering of inline LaTeX #

  • Moved from Wrap to RichText to provide better text rendering
  • Removed deprecated JS compatibility

4.0.0+24 - Moved to native Dart rendering instead of using JavaScipt #

  • Moved all internal calls to the CaTeX library instead of JavaScipt
  • Increased rendering performance

3.3.0+23 - Stabilized Desktop support #

  • Improved integration with texlive and ImageMagick

3.2.0+21 - Added custom font families #

  • Inheriting text style from parent element / parenting build context

3.1.0+20 - Removed requirement for assets on Android and the web #

  • You no longer need to copy the original KaTeX JS library into your app as it is now integrated into the package.

3.0.1+19 - Fixed Windows %TEMP% location #

  • Fixed the temporary file's location on Windows

3.0.0+17 - Initial Desktop support #

  • Support Fuchsia, macOS, Windows and Linux
  • Still requires local TeX Live and ImageMagick installation
  • Support for go-flutter

2.4.0+16 - Added offline support #

  • Support for rendering equations offline on Android and the web
  • Support for custom delimiters on the web

2.3.0+14 - Implemented automatic width for web platform #

  • Implemented automatic width for the web platform

2.2.0+12 - Fixed overflow on web platform #

  • The compution ot the required width is now no longer limited to 200px (the initial width)

2.1.0+10 - Working dynamic boundaries on web platform #

  • The web platform can now compute the Widget's width and height on it's own. No more need for SizedBox wrap.
  • Added dynamic generation of the required JavaScript code. Please update your web/index.html according to [README.md] and run flutter pub run katex_flutter:main

2.0.2+8 - Fixed equations displayed twice #

  • Fixed some equations rendered twice due to inpropper MathML compatibility

2.0.1+7 - Fixed rendering of several equations #

  • Fixed issues when using several different KaTeX-Widgets on web platform

2.0.0+6 - Support for web and mobile alongside #

  • Separated mobile and web code
  • Updating the LaTeX code is not possible yet on mobile platforms
  • Automatic size and colors are not supported yet on web

1.1.1+5 - First support for web platforms #

  • Stable support for Android and iOS
  • Experimental support for web platform. Auto-sizing the Widget is not supported yet on web.

0.0.1 - Initial release #

  • Not working yet. Just for testing.
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Performantly render scientific LaTeX equations using the KaTeX library on Android, iOS, the Web and the Desktop platform.

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