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Automatically generate code for converting to and from JSON by annotating Dart classes.

6.7.1 #

  • Support the latest package:analyzer.

6.7.0 #

  • Support Record types.
  • Require Dart 3.0
  • Require analyzer: ^5.12.0

6.6.2 #

  • Better handling of Object? or dynamic as fromJson constructor param.
  • Require Dart 2.19

6.6.1 #

  • Fix bug when JsonKey.includeToJson is false.

6.6.0 #

  • Support for JsonKey.includeFromJson and JsonKey.includeToJson.
  • Support JsonEnum.valueField being set with 'index'.
  • Support JsonSerializable.createPerFieldToJson.
  • Require Dart SDK >=2.18.0.
  • Require analyzer: ^5.2.0
  • Require json_annotation: '>=4.8.0 <4.9.0'

6.5.4 #

  • Fixed handling of nullable fields with converters which return non-nullable values.

6.5.3 #

  • Fixed handling of nullable enum fields with includeIfNull: false.

6.5.2 #

  • Better handling of null when encoding enum values or values with conversions.

6.5.1 #

  • Fixed BigInt, DateTime, and Uri support for JsonKey.defaultValue with a function value.

6.5.0 #

  • Allow constructors to be passed to JsonKey parameters that support Function types.
  • Accept Function values for JsonKey.defaultValue. The provided Function will be invoked for the default value if the target JSON element is missing or null.

6.4.1 #

  • Fixed a bug when an @JsonSerializable class uses a mixin with fields.
  • Added more documentation @JsonEnum.

6.4.0 #

  • Add support for JsonEnum.valueField which allows specifying a field in an "enhanced enum" to use for serialization instead of specifying each value individually with `JsonValue
  • Require json_annotation: '>=4.7.0 <4.8.0'

6.3.2 #

  • Require analyzer: '>=4.6.0 <6.0.0'
  • Require sdk: '>=2.17.0 <3.0.0'

6.3.1 #

  • Fixed support for Duration fields with default values. (#1170)

6.3.0 #

  • Added support for generating _$ExampleFieldMap, which can be used by other code-generators that needs to interact with JSON serialization. (#1164)
  • Added support for using a JsonConverter<MyClass, Object> on properties of type MyClass?. (#822)
  • Added support for JsonSerializable(converters: <JsonConverter>[]) (#1072)
  • Fix issue with serialization of non-nullable enumerations emitting a nullable type (#1146)

6.2.0 #

  • Added support for the new FieldRename.screamingSnake field in package:json_annotation.

6.1.6 #

  • Allow latest package:analyzer.

6.1.5 #

  • Fix enum support for upcoming enhanced enums in Dart 2.17.

6.1.4 #

  • Fix issues with latest package:analyzer related to enums and annotations.

6.1.3 #

  • Allow latest package:analyzer.

6.1.2 #

  • Fix issue with nested generics and genericArgumentFactories: true. (#1047)

6.1.1 #

  • Fix JsonKey.readValue support to allow static functions.

6.1.0 #

  • Support JsonKey.readValue to allow customized reading of values from source JSON map objects.
  • The check to make sure there is a correctly constrained dependency on package:json_annotation is now a warning and doesn't fail the build.
  • Require json_annotation '>=4.4.0 <4.5.0'.

6.0.1 #

  • Don't require json_annotation in dependencies if it's just used in tests.

6.0.0 #

  • Added support for JsonSerializable.constructor to allow specifying an alternative constructor to invoke when creating a fromJson helper.
  • Support the new @JsonEnum annotation in package:json_annotation.
  • Support JsonKey.nullForUndefinedEnumValue as a value for JsonKey.unknownEnumValue when you want to use null as the unknown value.
  • Use the new $enumDecodeNullable and $enumDecode in `json_annotation' instead of generating these for each library. NOTE: This is a potential breaking change if any user code relies on the previously generated private functions.
  • The builder now checks to make sure there is a correctly constrained dependency on package:json_annotation.
  • Require Dart SDK >=2.14.0.
  • Require json_annotation '>=4.3.0 <4.4.0'.

5.0.2 #

  • Include type arguments when invoking fromJson on custom types. This fixes an edge case where the generic arguments could not be inferred.

5.0.1 #

  • Correctly handle nullable custom objects within Iterable and Map.
  • Require the latest package:source_helper.

5.0.0 #

  • Use the default value for optional constructor parameters if JsonKey.defaultValue is not provided. This could be a breaking behavior change in generated code in some cases.
  • Fixed fromJson for Map fields with nullable values.
  • Improve names of private classes generated for toJson and fromJson.
  • Use the new $checkedCreate helper exposed in package:json_annotation v4.1+.
  • Generated code now conforms to this prefer_expression_function_bodies lint.
  • Support default values and types with a fromJson constructor.
  • Support default values with class- and function-based converters.
  • type_helper.dart:
    • BREAKING: removed typeArgumentsOf. This is now an extension exposed by package:source_helper.
  • Require package:analyzer ^2.0.0.

4.1.4 #

  • Allow the latest package:json_annotation.

4.1.3 #

  • Correctly handle nullable types with type arguments in generated code.

4.1.2 #

  • Correctly decode Map<String, double> when the input has int literals.

4.1.1 #

  • Allow the latest package:build_config.

4.1.0 #

  • Implementation is now null-safe.

  • Correctly handle nullable generic fields (T?) with genericArgumentFactories.

  • type_helper.dart - BREAKING changes

    • The API is now null-safe.
    • new KeyConfig class replaces JsonKey.
    • new ClassConfig class replaces JsonSerializable.

4.0.3 #

  • Correctly handle nullable values with genericArgumentFactories.
  • Require the latest package:build.

4.0.2 #

  • Correctly handle nullable Map and Iterable JSON types exposed by both class- and function-based converters.

4.0.1 #

  • Allow latest package:analyzer.

4.0.0 #

  • Requires Dart 2.12 or greater.
  • Generates null-safe code.
    • The nullable field on JsonKey ignored. The nullability of a field is now determined by the Dart type system.
  • BREAKING bool defaultProvided arg added to TypeHelper.deserialize. Only applies to code using TypeHelper directly.

3.5.2 #

  • Widen package:analyzer range to allow v1.x.

3.5.1 #

  • Improved error messages for unsupported types.
  • package:json_serializable/type_helper.dart
    • Made the third parameter to UnsupportedTypeError positional (optional).
  • Require package:analyzer >=0.39.0 <0.42.0.

3.5.0 #

  • Added support for populating generic helper functions for fields with generic type parameters.

  • Added support for JsonSerializable.genericArgumentFactories. This adds extra parameters to generated fromJson and/or toJson functions to support encoding and decoding generic types.

    For example, the generated code for

    @JsonSerializable(genericArgumentFactories: true)
    class Response<T> {
      int status;
      T value;

    Looks like

    Response<T> _$ResponseFromJson<T>(
      Map<String, dynamic> json,
      T Function(Object json) fromJsonT,
    ) {
      return Response<T>()
        ..status = json['status'] as int
        ..value = fromJsonT(json['value']);
    Map<String, dynamic> _$ResponseToJson<T>(
      Response<T> instance,
      Object Function(T value) toJsonT,
    ) =>
        <String, dynamic>{
          'status': instance.status,
          'value': toJsonT(instance.value),
  • JsonKey.unknownEnumValue: Added support for Iterable, List, and Set.

  • Require package:analyzer >=0.39.0 <0.41.0.

3.4.1 #

  • Support properties where the getter is defined in a class with a corresponding setter in a super type.

3.4.0 #

  • JsonKey.defaultValue
    • Added support for double.infinity, double.negativeInfinity, and double.nan.
    • Added support for Set literals.
  • Require at least Dart 2.7.0.

3.3.0 #

  • Add support for fields annotated subclasses of JsonKey.
  • Export the following TypeHelper implementations and interfaces in package:json_serializable/type_helper.dart:
    • DurationHelper
    • TypeHelperContextWithConfig

3.2.5 #

  • Fix lint affecting pub.dev score.

3.2.4 #

  • Require package:analyzer ^0.39.0.

3.2.3 #

  • Fixed bug related to package:analyzer 0.38.5.

3.2.2 #

  • Support JsonConverter annotations on property getters

3.2.1 #

  • Support package:analyzer >=0.33.3 <0.39.0

3.2.0 #

  • Require package:json_annotation ^3.0.0.
  • Added support for JsonSerializable.ignoreUnannotated.
  • Added support for JsonKey.unknownEnumValue.
  • Small change to how enum support code is generated.
  • Require at least Dart 2.3.0.

3.1.0 #

  • Support Map keys of type int, BigInt, DateTime, and Uri.
  • Trailing commas are now added to generated constructor arguments and the elements in Map literals.
  • Support package:analyzer >=0.33.3 <0.38.0

3.0.0 #

This release is entirely BREAKING changes. It removes underused features that added disproportionate complexity to this package. This cleanup should ease future feature work.

  • Removed support for JsonSerializable.useWrappers.
  • Removed support for JsonSerializable.generateToJsonFunction.
  • Removed support for encodeEmptyCollection.
  • If a field has a conversion function defined – either JsonKey.toJson or a custom JsonConverter annotation – don't intercept null values, even if nullable is explicitly set to false. This allows these functions to provide alternative values for null – such as an empty collection – which replaces the functionality provided by encodeEmptyCollection.
    • NOTE: this is SILENTLY BREAKING. There is no corresponding deprecation for this change. If you use converters, please make sure to test your code!

2.3.0 #

  • Added pascal as an additional fieldRename option.

2.2.3 #

  • Removed special handling of undefined types due to changes in package:analyzer. These types are now treated as dynamic.

2.2.2 #

  • Require at least Dart 2.2.0.
  • Allow build_config 0.4.x.

2.2.1 #

  • Fixed an error when a property/field is defined in a mixin.

2.2.0 #

  • If a field has a conversion function defined – either JsonKey.toJson or a custom JsonConverter annotation – handle the case where the function returns null and both nullable and includeIfNull are false.

2.1.2 #

  • Support package:json_annotation >=2.1.0 <2.3.0.

2.1.1 #

  • Support package:analyzer >=0.33.3 <0.37.0

2.1.0 #

  • Require at least Dart 2.1.1.

  • Added support for encodeEmptyCollection on JsonKey and JsonSerializable.

  • Added support for BigInt.

  • Added BigIntTypeHelper to type_helper.dart library.

  • Provide a more helpful error if the builder is improperly configured.

2.0.3 #

  • When invoking a fromJson constructor on a field type, generate a conversion expression derived from the constructor parameter type.

  • Be more strict about the supported List, Set, or Map types. This may cause errors to be raised in cases where invalid code was generated before. It also allows implementations of these types to add a fromJson constructor to support custom decoding.

  • Small change to the whitespace around converted maps to improve a very slow path when formatting generated code.

2.0.2 #

  • Log warnings when JsonKey.defaultValue is set with other fields.

    • With toJson: use nullable: false instead of defaultValue.
    • With both disallowNullValue and required set to true.
  • Avoid no-op call to map when decoding a field of type Set.

  • Support package:analyzer >=0.33.3 <0.36.0

2.0.1 #

  • Support package:analyzer v0.34.0.

2.0.0 #

  • Support all build.yaml configuration options on classes by adding a number of fields to JsonSerializable: anyMap, checked, explicitToJson, generateToJsonFunction, and useWrappers.

  • Support decode/encode of dart:core Duration

  • Code generated for fields and classes annotated with JsonConverter instances now properly handles nullable fields.

  • Build configuration

    • You can now configure all settings exposed by the JsonSerializable annotation within build.yaml.

    • BREAKING Unsupported options defined in build.yaml will cause exceptions instead of being logged and ignored.

  • json_serializable.dart

    • BREAKING JsonSerializableGenerator now exposes a config property of type JsonSerializable instead of individual properties for checked, anyMay, etc. This will affect creating or using this class via code.
  • type_helper.dart

    • BREAKING SerializeContext and DeserializeContext have been replaced with new TypeHelperContext class.

    • TypeHelper now has a type argument allowing implementors to specify a specific implementation of TypeHelperContext for calls to serialize and deserialize. Many of the included TypeHelper implementations have been updated to indicate they expect more information from the source generator.

1.5.1 #

  • Support the latest package:analyzer.

1.5.0 #

  • Added support for JsonConvert annotation on fields.

1.4.0 #

  • type_helper.dart

    • TypeHelper serialize and deserialize have return type Object instead of String. This allows coordination between instances to support more advanced features – like using the new LambdaResult class to avoid creating unnecessary lambdas. When creating TypeHelper implementations, handle non-String results by calling toString() on unrecognized values.
  • Declare support for package:build version 1.x.x.

1.3.0 #

  • Add support for types annotated with classes that extend JsonConverter from package:json_annotation.

  • Export the following TypeHelper implementations in package:json_serializable/type_helper.dart: ConvertHelper, EnumHelper, IterableHelper, JsonConverterHelper, MapHelper, ValueHelper

  • Added support for Set type as a target.

1.2.1 #

  • Added back const for maps generated with checked: true configuration.

1.2.0 #

  • Now throws InvalidGenerationSourceError instead of UnsupportedError for some classes of constructor errors.

  • Supports class-static functions for toJson and fromJson on JsonKey.

  • Provide a warning about ignored setter-only properties instead of crashing.

  • Added back const for lists generated with disallowUnrecognizedKeys, required, and disallowNullValue.

  • Fixed a bug when disallowUnrecognizedKeys is enabled.

  • Fixed a number of issues when dealing with inherited properties.

1.1.0 #

  • Added support for automatically converting field names to JSON map keys as kebab-case or snake_case with a new option on the JsonSerializable annotation.

1.0.1 #

  • Explicit new and const are no longer generated.

1.0.0 #

  • BREAKING By default, code generated to support toJson now creates a top-level function instead of a mixin. The default for the generate_to_json_function is now true. To opt-out of this change, set generate_to_json_function to false.

  • Now supports changing the serialized values of enums using JsonValue.

    enum AutoApply {
  • JsonSerializableGenerator.generateForAnnotatedElement now returns Iterable<String> instead of String.

  • SerializeContext and DeserializeContext now have an addMember function which allows TypeHelper instances to add additional members when handling a field. This is useful for generating shared helpers, for instance.

  • BREAKING The header option is no longer supported and must be removed from build.yaml.

  • If a manual build script is used the json_serializable builder must be switched to hideOutput: true, and the combiningBuilder from source_gen must be included following this builder. When using a generated build script with pub run build_runner or webdev this is handled automatically.

0.5.8+1 #

  • Support the Dart 2.0 stable release.

0.5.8 #

  • Small fixes to support Dart 2 runtime semantics.

  • Support serializing types provided by platform-specific libraries (such as Flutter) if they use custom convert functions.

0.5.7 #

  • Added support for JsonKey.required.

    • When true, generated code throws a MissingRequiredKeysException if the key does not exist in the JSON map used to populate the annotated field.
    • Will be captured and wrapped in a CheckedFromJsonException if checked is enabled in json_serializable.
  • Added JsonKey.disallowNullValue.

    • When true, generated code throws a DisallowedNullValueException if the corresponding keys exist in the JSON map, but its value is null.
    • Will be captured and wrapped in a CheckedFromJsonException if checked is enabled in json_serializable.
  • Added support for Uri conversion.

  • Added missing checked parameter to the JsonSerializableGenerator.withDefaultHelpers constructor.

  • Added explicit_to_json configuration option.

    • See JsonSerializableGenerator.explicitToJson for details.
  • Added generate_to_json_function configuration option.

    • See JsonSerializableGenerator.generateToJsonFunction for details.

0.5.6 #

  • Added support for JsonSerializable.disallowUnrecognizedKeys.
    • Throws an UnrecognizedKeysException if it finds unrecognized keys in the JSON map used to populate the annotated field.
    • Will be captured and wrapped in a CheckedFromJsonException if checked is enabled in json_serializable.
  • All fromJson constructors now use block syntax instead of fat arrows.

0.5.5 #

  • Added support for JsonKey.defaultValue.

  • enum deserialization now uses helpers provided by json_annotation.

  • Small change to how nullable Map values are deserialized.

  • Small whitespace changes to JsonLiteral generation to align with dartfmt.

  • Improve detection of toJson and fromJson in nested types.

0.5.4+1 #

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.5.4 in some cases where enum values are nested in collections.

0.5.4 #

  • Add checked configuration option. If true, generated fromJson functions include extra checks to validate proper deserialization of types.

  • Added any_map to configuration. Allows fromJson code to support dynamic Map instances that are not explicitly Map<String, dynaimc>.

  • Added support for classes with type arguments.

  • Use Map.map for more map conversions. Simplifies generated code and fixes a subtle issue when the Map key type is dynamic or Object.

0.5.3 #

  • Require the latest version of package:analyzer - v0.32.0.

  • If JsonKey.fromJson function parameter is Iterable or Map with type arguments of dynamic or Object, omit the arguments when generating a cast. _myHelper(json['key'] as Map) instead of _myHelper(json['key'] as Map<dynamic, dynamic>).

  • JsonKey.fromJson/.toJson now support functions with optional arguments.

0.5.2 #

  • If JsonKey.fromJson/toJson are set, apply them before any custom or default TypeHelper instances. This allows custom DateTime parsing, by preempting the existing DateTime TypeHelper.

0.5.1 #

  • Support new fromJson and toJson fields on JsonKey.

  • Use log exposed by package:build. This requires end-users to have at least package:build_runner ^0.8.2.

  • Updated minimum package:source_gen dependency to 0.8.1 which includes improved error messages.

0.5.0 #

  • BREAKING Removed deprecated support for require_library_directive / requireLibraryDirective in build_runner configuration.

  • BREAKING Removed the deprecated generators.dart library.

  • BREAKING Removed jsonPartBuilder function from public API.

  • Support the latest package:source_gen.

  • Private and ignored fields are now excluded when generating serialization and deserialization code by using @JsonKey(ignore: true).

  • Throw an exception if a private field or an ignored field is referenced by a required constructor argument.

  • More comprehensive escaping of string literals.

package:json_serializable/type_helper.dart #

  • Breaking The nullable parameter on TypeHelper.serialize and .deserialize has been removed. It is now exposed in SerializeContext and DeserializeContext abstract classes as a read-only property.

  • Potentially Breaking The metadata property on SerializeContext and DeserializeContext is now readonly. This would potentially break code that extends these classes – which is not expected.

0.4.0 #

  • Potentially Breaking Inherited fields are now processed and used when generating serialization and deserialization code. There is a possibility that the generated code may change in undesired ways for classes annotated for v0.3.

  • Avoid unnecessary braces in string escapes.

  • Use single quotes when generating code.

0.3.2 #

  • The require_library_directive option now defaults to false. The option will be removed entirely in 0.4.0.

0.3.1+2 #

  • Support the latest version of the analyzer package.

0.3.1+1 #

  • Expanded package:build support to allow version 0.12.0.

0.3.1 #

  • Add a build.yaml so the builder can be consumed by users of build_runner version 0.7.0.

  • Now requires a Dart 2.0.0-dev release.

0.3.0 #

  • NEW top-level library json_serializable.dart.

    • Replaces now deprecated generators.dart to access JsonSerializableGenerator and JsonLiteralGenerator.

    • Adds the jsonPartBuilder function to make it easy to create a PartBuilder, without creating an explicit dependency on source_gen.

  • BREAKING UnsupportedTypeError added a new required constructor argument: reason.

  • BREAKING The deprecated annotations.dart library has been removed. Use package:json_annotation instead.

  • BREAKING The arguments to TypeHelper serialize and deserialize have changed.

    • SerializeContext and DeserializeContext (new classes) are now passed instead of the TypeHelperGenerator typedef (which has been deleted).
  • JsonSerializableGenerator now supports an optional useWrappers argument when generates and uses wrapper classes to (hopefully) improve the speed and memory usage of serialization – at the cost of more code.

    NOTE: useWrappers is not guaranteed to improve the performance of serialization. Benchmarking is recommended.

  • Make null field handling smarter. If a field is classified as not nullable, then use this knowledge when generating serialization code – even if includeIfNull is false.

0.2.5 #

  • Throw an exception if a duplicate JSON key is detected.

  • Support the nullable field on the JsonSerializable class annotation.

0.2.4+1 #

  • Throw a more helpful error when a constructor is missing.

0.2.4 #

  • Moved the annotations in annotations.dart to package:json_annotations.

    • Allows package authors to release code that has the corresponding annotations without requiring package users to inherit all the transitive dependencies.
  • Deprecated annotations.dart.

0.2.3 #

  • Write out toJson methods more efficiently when the first fields written are not intercepted by the null-checking method.

0.2.2+1 #

  • Simplify the serialization of Map instances when no conversion is required for values.

  • Handle int literals in JSON being assigned to double fields.

0.2.2 #

  • Enable support for enum values.
  • Added asConst to JsonLiteral.
  • Improved the handling of Dart-specific characters in JSON strings.

0.2.1 #

  • Upgrade to package:source_gen v0.7.0

0.2.0+1 #

  • When serializing classes that implement their own fromJson constructor, honor their constructor parameter type.

0.2.0 #

  • BREAKING Types are now segmented into their own libraries.

    • package:json_serializable/generators.dart contains Generator implementations.

    • package:json_serializable/annotations.dart contains annotations. This library should be imported with your target classes.

    • package:json_serializable/type_helpers.dart contains TypeHelper classes and related helpers which allow custom generation for specific types.

  • BREAKING Generation fails for types that are not a JSON primitive or that do not explicitly support JSON serialization.

  • BREAKING TypeHelper:

    • Removed can methods. Return null from (de)serialize if the provided type is not supported.

    • Added (de)serializeNested arguments to (de)serialize methods allowing generic types. This is how support for Iterable, List, and Map is implemented.

  • BREAKING JsonKey.jsonName was renamed to name and is now a named parameter.

  • Added support for optional, non-nullable fields.

  • Added support for excluding null values when generating JSON.

  • Eliminated all implicit casts in generated code. These would end up being runtime checks in most cases.

  • Provide a helpful error when generation fails due to undefined types.

0.1.0+1 #

  • Fix homepage in pubspec.yaml.

0.1.0 #

  • Split off from source_gen.

  • Add /* unsafe */ comments to generated output likely to be unsafe.

  • Support (de)serializing values in Map.

  • Fix ordering of fields when they are initialized via constructor.

  • Don't use static members when calculating fields to (de)serialize.