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A Flutter plugin to handle gamepad input across multiple platforms.

gamepads #

A Flutter plugin to handle gamepad input across multiple platforms.

Note: This plugin is still in beta. All APIs are subject to change. Any feedback is appreciated.

Gamepads is a Flutter plugin to handle gamepad (or joystick) input across multiple platforms.

It supports multiple simultaneously connected gamepads, and will automatically detect and listen to new connections.

Getting Started #

The list method will list all currently connected gamepads:

  final gamepads = await Gamepads.list();
  // ...

This uses the data class GamepadController, which has an id and a user-facing name.

And the events stream will broadcast input events from all gamepads: {
    // ...

You can also listen to events only for a specific gamepad with eventsByGamepad.

Events are described by the data class GamepadEvent:

class GamepadEvent {
  /// The id of the gamepad controller that fired the event.
  final String gamepadId;

  /// The timestamp in which the event was fired, in milliseconds since epoch.
  final int timestamp;

  /// The [KeyType] of the key that was triggered.
  final KeyType type;

  /// A platform-dependant identifier for the key that was triggered.
  final String key;

  /// The current value of the key.
  final double value;

  // ...

Next Steps #

As mentioned, this is still a WIP library. Not only APIs are expected to change if needed, but we plan to add more features, like:

  • stream to listen for connecting/disconnecting gamepads
  • get current state of a gamepad
  • add support for web and even mobile

If you are interested in helping, please reach out! You can use GitHub or our Discord server.

Support #

The simplest way to show us your support is by giving the project a star! ⭐

If you want, you can also support us monetarily by donating through OpenCollective:

Through GitHub Sponsors:

Or by becoming a patron on Patreon: