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A rich text editor supporting mobile and web (Demo App @ bulletjournal.us)

A rich text editor for Flutter

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FlutterQuill is a rich text editor and a Quill component for Flutter.

This library is a WYSIWYG editor built for the modern mobile platform, with web compatibility under development. Check out our Youtube Playlist to take a detailed walkthrough of the code base. You can join our Slack Group for discussion.

Demo App: https://bulletjournal.us/home/index.html

Pub: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_quill

Usage #

See the example directory for a minimal example of how to use FlutterQuill. You typically just need to instantiate a controller:

QuillController _controller = QuillController.basic();

and then embed the toolbar and the editor, within your app. For example:

  children: [
    QuillToolbar.basic(controller: _controller),
      child: Container(
        child: QuillEditor.basic(
          controller: _controller,
          readOnly: false, // true for view only mode

Check out Sample Page for advanced usage.

Input / Output #

This library uses Quill as an internal data format.

  • Use _controller.document.toDelta() to extract the deltas.
  • Use _controller.document.toPlainText() to extract plain text.

FlutterQuill provides some JSON serialisation support, so that you can save and open documents. To save a document as JSON, do something like the following:

var json = jsonEncode(_controller.document.toDelta().toJson());

You can then write this to storage.

To open a FlutterQuill editor with an existing JSON representation that you've previously stored, you can do something like this:

var myJSON = jsonDecode(incomingJSONText);
_controller = QuillController(
          document: Document.fromJson(myJSON),
          selection: TextSelection.collapsed(offset: 0));

Configuration #

The QuillToolbar class lets you customise which formatting options are available. Sample Page provides sample code for advanced usage and configuration.

Font Size #

Within the editor toolbar, a drop-down with font-sizing capabilities is available. This can be enabled or disabled with showFontSize.

When enabled, the default font-size values can be modified via optional fontSizeValues. fontSizeValues accepts a Map<String, String> consisting of a String title for the font size and a String value for the font size. Example:

fontSizeValues: const {'Small': '8', 'Medium': '24.5', 'Large': '46'}

Custom Icons #

You may add custom icons to the end of the toolbar, via the customIcons option, which is a List of QuillCustomIcon.

To add an Icon, we should use a new QuillCustomIcon class

        onTap: () {

Each QuillCustomIcon is used as part of the customIcons option as follows:

    customIcons: [
            onTap: () {

            onTap: () {

            onTap: () {

Web #

For web development, use flutter config --enable-web for flutter or use ReactQuill for React.

It is required to provide EmbedBuilder, e.g. defaultEmbedBuilderWeb. Also it is required to provide webImagePickImpl, e.g. Sample Page.

Desktop #

It is required to provide filePickImpl for toolbar image button, e.g. Sample Page.

Custom Size Image for Mobile #

Define mobileWidth, mobileHeight, mobileMargin, mobileAlignment as follows:

      "insert": {
         "image": "https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/122956/72955931-ccc07900-3d52-11ea-89b1-d468a6e2aa2b.png"
         "style":"mobileWidth: 50; mobileHeight: 50; mobileMargin: 10; mobileAlignment: topLeft"

Translation #

The package offers translations for the quill toolbar and editor, it will follow the system locale unless you set your own locale with:

QuillToolbar(locale: Locale('fr'), ...)
QuillEditor(locale: Locale('fr'), ...)

Currently, translations are available for these 19 locales:

  • Locale('en')
  • Locale('ar')
  • Locale('de')
  • Locale('da')
  • Locale('fr')
  • Locale('zh', 'CN')
  • Locale('ko')
  • Locale('ru')
  • Locale('es')
  • Locale('tr')
  • Locale('uk')
  • Locale('ur')
  • Locale('pt')
  • Locale('pl')
  • Locale('vi')
  • Locale('id')
  • Locale('no')
  • Locale('fa')
  • Locale('hi')

Contributing to translations #

The translation file is located at lib/src/translations/toolbar.i18n.dart. Feel free to contribute your own translations, just copy the English translations map and replace the values with your translations. Then open a pull request so everyone can benefit from your translations!

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