flutter_ios_calculator 0.0.2
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iOS 10 and iOS 11/12 style calculators for Flutter

flutter_ios_calculator #

iOS 10 and iOS 11+ style calculators for Flutter. Works on Android and iOS.

Screenshots #

iOS 10 Style Calculator for Android iOS 10 Style Calculator for iPhone iOS 11/12 Style Calculator for Android iOS 11/12 Style Calculator for iPhone

This was built as a widget that needs to be integrated with other views via navigation. You can modify the classes to remove the back button if you want to use for a standalone app

Usage #

class CalculatorTestApp extends StatelessWidget{

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
        title: "Calculator Test",
        home: Calculator(
            //optional property
            calculatorType: CalculatorType.ios10,   //Defaults to CalculatorType.ios12

You can optionally include just the calculator you want directly by specifying to import ios10_calculator.dart or ios12_calculator.dart