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This package is designed for FlutterFlow app to provide enhanced features.

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Fireflow #

  • Fireflow is an open source, easy and rapid development tool to build apps like social network service, forum based community service, online shopping service, and much more.

  • Fireflow is developped for FlutterFlow. But it can be used for Flutter also.

  • If you encounter an error, please create an issue in fireflow git issue.

Table of Contents #


  • Make two fireflow

    • One for including all features - fireflow.
    • One for excluing supabase since supabase make a conflict on pubspec - fireflow_light.
  • Chat welcome message for newly signed(registered) users.

  • Hard limit on wait minutes for post creation.

    • Add a security rules for timestamp check.
  • Display user online/offline status without Cloud function.

    • Record on/offline status on Realtime database only and create a widget to display whether the user is online or offline.
    • If the on/off status is not save in firestore, it cannot be searched. but it can display.
  • How to display online/offline users by creating a function in GCP.

  • Chat

    • Block the moderator to leave the chat room when there are other members in the room.
    • Destroying the chat room. The fireflow will automatically remove all users and delete the chat room.
    • Block users not to enter the chat room. blockUsers will hold the list of the blocked users.
    • Sending push notification to all users including those who are unsubscribed the chat room.
  • Since the AppCheck is built-in by Flutterflow, why don't fireflow remove the security rules and /users_public_data?

  • Image cropping before uploading.

  • Sample application "Schedule management" app.

    • It can be a kind of todo app, calendar app, task app.
    • Works based on time line.
    • An event can be repeat.
    • With push notification. Scheduling push notification in advance will not work here. There must be a cron like scheduler which send push notificatoin by search the event date on every minute.
  • Delete the post document itself if the post has no comments or all the comments has been deleted.

  • Delete the comment document if it has no decendants or all the decendants are deleted.