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The plugin verifies that the version of the installed app is the most up-to-date, if not, it invites the user to update.

Check App Version #

A plugin that allows you to check the version of the app installed with a hypothetical version of the app published.

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Platform Support #


About #

The plugin compares two version codes:

  • The code for the app installed on the device.
  • Code for a new version of the app compiled using JSON.

In fact the package acquires the necessary information for the comparison between the two versions, through a JSON file compiled by the user himself.

app_namethe name of the app
new_app_versionthe new app version
new_app_codethe new app code
android_packageandroid app package name
ios_packageios bundle identify
windows_packageandroid app package name
linux_packageios bundle identify
macos_packageandroid app package name
web_packageios bundle identify
ios_app_idiOS app id number

Example of a JSON file at this link.

Install #

Import the Check App Version package #

To use the Check App Version package, follow the plugin installation instructions.

Use the package #

Add the following import to your Dart code:

import 'package:check_app_version/show_dialog.dart';

We now have the option to use the method ShowDialog(jsonUrl: 'my url').checkVersion(); to check the version and show a message dialog, remember to replace 'my link' with the link that refers to our previously created and customized JSON file

        context: context,
        jsonUrl: '',
        onPressDecline: () {},
        onPressConfirm: () {},

Image Example #

Customize the message dialog #

In the ShowDialog() method we have many properties to be able to customize massage dialog.

jsonUrlthe JSON Link (Required)
onPressConfirmvoid Function when press confirm button (Required)
onPressDeclinevoid Function when press decline button (Required)
showWebshow the message dialog on flutter web app version (default: TRUE)
dialogRadiusthe message dialog border radius value
backgroundColorthe message dialog background color
titlethe dialog message title
titleColorthe dialog message title color
bodythe dialog message body
bodyColorthe dialog message body color
barrierDismissibledismiss the message dialog by tapping the modal barrier (default: TRUE)
onWillPopdisappear the message dialog using only the action keys (default: TRUE)
updateButtonTextthe update button text
updateButtonTextColorthe update button text color
updateButtonColorthe update button text color
updateButtonRadiusthe update button text border radius value
laterButtonTextthe later button text
laterButtonColorthe later button color
laterButtonEnableenable visibility of later button (default: FALSE)
cupertinoDialoguse Cupertino Style for iOS and macOS (default: TRUE)
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The plugin verifies that the version of the installed app is the most up-to-date, if not, it invites the user to update.

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