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Better player edited for more hls options

0.0.81 #

  • Fixed full screen button padding in material controls.
  • Added setBetterPlayerControlsConfiguration in BetterPlayerController.
  • Added setOverriddenFit in BetterPlayerController.

0.0.80 #

0.0.79 #

  • Fixed kotlin version issue.

0.0.78 #

  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Split controlsHidden into controlsHiddenStart and controlsHiddenEnd.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Added to Function(bool) onPlayerVisibilityChanged to customControlsBuilder in [BetterPlayerConfiguration].
  • Migrated android native code to Kotlin.
  • Updated ExoPlayer version to 2.15.1.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Added onTapDown handle for material and cupertino progress bar to handle show and hide of controls.
  • Fixed crash related to Android 12.
  • Fixed issue with full url of subtitle for HLS data source.
  • Fixed install page from docs.
  • Fixed one of the showcase images.
  • Fixed video in list example.

0.0.77 #

  • Fixed full screen safe area issue in cupertino controls.
  • Fixed subtitles duplication after changing data source.
  • Fixed progress bar issues when changing position of the video.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed min. Flutter version to 2.2.3.
  • Changed log level in ExoPlayer to Error.
  • Added url parameter for changedResolution event.
  • Added [videoExtension] support for network data source for scenario where video source has no extension and cache manager requires it.
  • Added parameters to [changedTrack] event.
  • Added [changedPlaylistItem] event.
  • Added [autoDetectFullscreenAspectRatio] parameter in [BetterPlayerConfiguration] (by
  • Updated license.
  • Updated screenshots.

0.0.76 #

  • Fixed iOS build issue.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed min required iOS version to 11.
  • Updated BetterPlayerConfiguration copyWith method.
  • Added useRootNavigator option to BetterPlayerConfiguration.

0.0.75 #

  • Fixed iOS build issue.

0.0.74 #

  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] nextVideoTimeStreamController is now marked as private. Please use nextVideoTimeStream to access stream.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed BackdropFilter from cupertino theme.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed sigmaX and sigmaY parameters from BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Added expandToFill in BetterPlayerConfiguration.
  • Added BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.theme factory for BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Added null checks in seek commands in BetterPlayerControlsState.
  • Added tests.
  • Added iOS HLS caching based on HLSCachingReverseProxyServer.
  • Added default subtitle support for ASMS HLS data source (by
  • Fixed issue with live stream where player controls were always visible.
  • Fixed iOS seek issue.
  • Fixed getting started button link in documentation.
  • Changed iOS non-HLS caching implementation based on (by
  • Fixed hardcoded 30 FPS on iOS (by
  • Enabled preCache and stopPreCache for iOS.
  • Updated dependencies.

0.0.73 #

  • Added licenseUrl support for iOS DRM.
  • Fixed RTL text direction issue in player controls.
  • Added renderedSubtitle in BetterPlayerController.
  • Added additional check in postControllerEvent to handle scenario where event stream is closed.
  • Updated ExoPlayer version
  • Fixed bufferingUpdate event triggered too often.
  • Updated video list example with bufering configuration.
  • Updated video list documentation.
  • Added setMixWithOthers method in BetterPlayerListVideoPlayerController.
  • Fixed broken link in cover page of documentation.
  • Fixed progress bar issue where position could be set above video duration.
  • Fixed iOS remote notification command issue.
  • Removed duplicated page in example app (by
  • Added support for clear key DRM (by
  • Refreshed look and feel of the player UI (by
  • Added sigmaX and sigmaY parameters in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration to control blur of cupertino controls (original idea by:

0.0.72 #

  • Updated ExoPlayer version

0.0.71 #

  • Fixed play after seeking issue on iOS.
  • Fixed audio track selection issue on iOS/Android.
  • Fixed issue where speed which couldn't be applied on iOS was saved in player state.
  • Added support for D-pad navigation using a Android TV remote control (by
  • Added BetterPlayerMultipleGestureDetector to handle problems with gesture detection
  • Expose getter for eventListeners in BetterPlayerController (by
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated dependencies

0.0.70 #

  • Fixed file data source exception. Right now user will be only warned.
  • Fixed playback speed after seek in iOS.
  • Fixed overriddenDuration behavior in iOS when passed overriddenDuration is longer than video duration.
  • Fixed issue where controls were not updated after video finish.
  • Fixed auto full screen orientation not enabled in iOS.
  • Exposed ASMS classes.
  • Exposed BetterPlayerControlsState to provide ways to build custom controls with additional menus.
  • Added error handling for CacheWorker to prevent unexpected crashes.
  • Added support for FairPlay EZDRM (by and
  • Added certificateUrl parameter in BetterPlayerDrmConfiguration.
  • Added support for custom buffering configuration in Android (by
  • Added bufferingConfiguration parameter in BetterPlayerConfiguration which contains buffering settings.

0.0.69 #

  • Fixed cache clear on Android.
  • Added file check for file data source.
  • Fixed issue with black screen for some videos on iOS (by
  • Fixed iOS eventSink issues. (by
  • Added key parameter in BetterPlayerCacheConfiguration to provide way to re-use same video between app sessions.

0.0.68 #

  • Added support for segmented subtitles.
  • Added new fields in in BetterPlayerSubtitlesSource: asmsIsSegmented, asmsSegmentsTime and asmsSegments. These fields shouldn't be configured manually.
  • Fixed parsing VTT subtitle timestamps with no hour component (by
  • Fixed parsing VTT subtitles when there's no subtitles in the file (by
  • Added ES translations (by
  • Fixed iOS Picture in Picture play/pause state.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Updated iOS example configuration.

0.0.67 #

  • Added support for DASH adaptive stream subtitles, audio tracks, tracks (by
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed useHlsSubtitles, useHlsTracks, useHlsAudio to useAsmsSubtitles, useAsmsTracks, useAsmsAudio.
  • Added DASH example.
  • Fixed progress bar jumps when seeking video.
  • Fixed end of video looping final second, and video stutter during AudioSession deactivation (by

0.0.66 #

  • Added check in seek method to handle scenario when video wasn't ready to play.
  • Added setupDataSourceList in BetterPlayerPlaylistController.
  • Fixed playback stalled issue in iOS.
  • Added pause on iOS dispose call.
  • Added bufferedStart, bufferedUpdate, bufferedEnd events.
  • Fixed full screen dismissed when new data source loaded.
  • Added forget option for VisibilityDetectorController (by
  • Added vietnamese translations (by

0.0.65 #

  • Refactored Android notification image selection.
  • Added headers parameter in BetterPlayerSubtitlesSource. Headers is an optional parameter.
  • Added activityName to BetterPlayerNotificationConfiguration.
  • Android notification will open back application (by
  • Fixed playing audio-only resources in iOS.
  • Updated Exo Player version.
  • Fixed notification not updating correctly for playlists in Android.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed deprecated Android code. Better Player supports now only v2 embedding.

0.0.64 #

0.0.63 #

  • Fixed pause method in dispose.
  • Added clearCache method in BetterPlayerController.
  • Fixed reusable video player example issues.

0.0.62 #

  • Refactored internal event handling.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Migrated to null safety.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Updated dart min version to 2.12.0.
  • Fixed issue where player controls were immediately hidden.
  • Removed cancelFullScreenDismiss parameter.
  • Added initialization check for VideoPlayerController.
  • Changed default value of enableProgressText to true in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Setup first selected HLS Audio as default one.
  • General bug fixes.

0.0.61 #

  • Fixed fullscreenByDefault issue.
  • Updated documentation.

0.0.60 #

  • Updated documentation.
  • Added null checking for videoPlayerController inside BetterPlayerController.
  • Added setMixWithOthers method to BetterPlayerController.
  • Added initialStartIndex in BetterPlayerPlaylistConfiguration.
  • Fixed issue where player did not disposed properly on app quit.
  • Added placeholder parameter in BetterPlayerDataSource.
  • Fixed custom material full screen icons (by

0.0.59 #

  • Fixed WEBVTT subtitles parsing.
  • Updated ExoPlayer version.
  • Refactored ExoPlayer code.
  • Added missing controller dispose from BetterPlayer widget dispose.
  • Added fix for iOS aspect ratio issue.
  • Fixed auto play issue where player starts video after load initialization process and player is not visible.
  • Updated texts in examples.
  • Added missing widevine DRM parameters (by

0.0.58 #

  • Added overflowModalColor and overflowModalTextColor in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Disabled picture in picture in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed enabled parameter for skip back and forward.
  • Fixed notification configuration null issue (by
  • Added token based and widevine DRM support.
  • Updated documentation.

0.0.57 #

  • Fixed iOS HLS initialization issue.
  • Fixed issue where video plays after resume even if it's not visible.
  • Updated User-Agent picking for Android.
  • Added auto option for quality selection.

0.0.56 #

  • Fixed empty data source notification issue.
  • Fixed WebVTT subtitles parsing issue.
  • Fixed memory data source issue on iOS.
  • Added videoExtension parameter for memory data source (works only with memory data source).
  • Added videoFormat parameter to network data source.
  • Fixed controls visible all time on live stream.
  • Fixed potential iOS notification crash.

0.0.55 #

  • Dart analysis fix

0.0.54 #

  • Refactored BetterPlayerPlaylist feature.
  • Added new BetterPlayerPlaylistController which is accessible from BetterPlayerPlaylist's current state. Playlist video can be changed with setupDataSource method and current video index can be accessed with currentDataSourceIndex getter.
  • Fixed iOS availableDuration index issue.
  • Added arabic translations (by
  • Added headers to HLS data request (by
  • Added fullScreenAspectRatio to copyWith method in BetterPlayerConfiguration (by

0.0.53 #

  • Fixed fullscreen issue.
  • Fixed HLS tracks selection.
  • Removed HLS parser package and included HLS parser package in Better Player.
  • Removed unused player observer in iOS.
  • Fixed cache issue in Android where multiple Better Player instances uses same directory.
  • Fixed HLS parsing issue.
  • Added HLS Audio example.

0.0.52 #

  • Fixed unregister listener issue in iOS.
  • Updated documentation.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] BetterPlayerState visibility changed to private.
  • Fixed HLS audio tracks playlist selection issue.
  • Added enableProgressBarDrag in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Fixed audio track picking in ExoPlayer (Android).
  • Changed default loadingColor.

0.0.51 #

  • Fixed lint issues.
  • Fixed subtitles setup issue.

0.0.50 #

  • Fixed deprecated resizeToAvoidBottomPadding
  • Fixed playing large videos in iOS.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed autoPlay and errorBuilder from BetterPlayerController. These can be accessed via betterPlayerController.
  • Added HLS Audio track support.
  • Added setAudioTrack method in BetterPlayerController.
  • Added useHlsAudioTrack parameter in BetterPlayerDataSource.
  • Added enableAudioTracks and audioTracksIcon, backgroundColor in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Fixed HLS loading speed.
  • Fixed finished event creation.
  • Fixed player pause issue when player notification is displayed.
  • Fixed player not pausing/resuming automatically correctly.

0.0.49 #

  • Fixed fullscreen dispose issue.
  • Added videoFormat parameter in BetterPlayerDataSource (should be used when data source url has no extension).
  • Added retry feature after video failed to load.
  • Added enableRetry in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration.
  • Changed BetterPlayerEventType.openFullscreen and BetterPlayerEventType.hideFullscreen events behavior (now events trigger after route change).
  • Removed closed caption support from original video_player codebase.
  • Fixed chinese translation typo (fixed by

0.0.48 #

  • Fixed loading large videos in iOS.
  • Fixed partly progress bar jumping when seek issue in iOS.
  • Added forceDispose parameter to dispose method in BetterPlayerController.
  • Fixed Android notification vibration issue (fixed by

0.0.47 #

  • Fixed Android loading indicator issue.
  • Added setControlsAlwaysVisible in BetterPlayerController.
  • Added absolutePosition feature (added by

0.0.46 #

  • Fixed iOS AVPlayer observer issue.
  • Fixed iOS headers not applied issue.

0.0.45 #

  • Added Picture in Picture support.
  • Added new parameters in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration: pipMenuIcon and enablePip.
  • Added new methods in BetterPlayerController: enablePictureInPicture, disablePictureInPicture, isPictureInPictureSupported, setBetterPlayerGlobalKey.
  • Added Picture in Picture icon in player controls.
  • Added Picture in Picture example.
  • Updated ExoPlayer version.
  • Added pipStart and pipStop events.
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed skipsTimeInMilliseconds. Added forwardSkipTimeInMilliseconds and backwardSkipTimeInMilliseconds.
  • Updated notification service in android example.
  • Fixed event play/pause event not triggered when controlling video with PiP or remote notification.
  • Fixed playerTheme not set correctly.
  • Fixed progress bar able to drag over other buttons.
  • Fixed iOS player last second issue (player did not complete on last second of resource).

0.0.44 #

  • Added placeholder until play example
  • Added playback stalled feature in iOS. iOS version should behave same as Android once video failed to load.
  • Added BetterPlayerTheme to controls configuration (added by
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed custom controls builder in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration. Now it accepts BetterPlayerController.
  • Exposed BetterPlayerPlaylistState and betterPlayerController getter within.
  • Added overriddenDuration to BetterPlayerDataSource.

0.0.43 #

  • Added autoDispose flag in BetterPlayerConfiguration
  • Added removeEventsListener in BetterPlayerController
  • Video list examples update
  • Fixed Android native build warnings
  • Fixed placeholder until play issues
  • Added placeholderOnTop to the BetterPlayerConfiguration
  • Lint fixes

0.0.42 #

  • Fixed resolution issue
  • Fixed type of BetterPlayerDataSource for file type
  • Added audio notify on dispose (iOS) (fixed by

0.0.41 #

  • Fixed loadingColor and loadingWidget for cupertino player
  • Increased size of cupertino buttons
  • Fixed setControlsEnabled in cupertino/material player
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed startAt, looping, placeholder, overlay, fullScreenByDefault, allowedScreenSleep, systemOverlaysAfterFullScreen, deviceOrientationsAfterFullScreen from BetterPlayerController

0.0.40 #

  • Exposed VideoPlayerValue in export
  • Fixed log issue
  • Added loadingColor and loadingWidget in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration

0.0.39 #

  • Added lint library for dart analysis
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed constant names to lowerCamelCase in BetterPlayerDataSourceType
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed constant names to lowerCamelCase in BetterPlayerEventType
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Changed constant names to lowerCamelCase in BetterPlayerSubtitlesSourceType

0.0.38 #

  • Added support for player notifications
  • Added handleLifecycle to BetterPlayerConfiguration
  • Added notificationConfiguration to BetterPlayerDataSource

0.0.37 #

  • Added setControlsEnabled to BetterPlayerController
  • Fixed example video list widget buttons not rendering correctly in small resolutions
  • Added setOverriddenAspectRatio to BetterPlayerController
  • Fixed crash connected with setSpeed in Android platform
  • Fixed deviceOrientationsOnFullScreen for iOS
  • Fixed CH translations (fixes by
  • Click to show/hide controls (fixed by
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed future from isPlaying. Now it's sync method (

0.0.36 #

  • Added INITIALIZED event
  • Added autoDetectFullscreenDeviceOrientation in BetterPlayerConfiguration
  • Fixed autoPlay background issue
  • Removed open_iconic_flutter icons used in Cupertino controls
  • Added cupertino_icons for icons used Cupertiono controls
  • Fixed progress bar not working correctly for iOS 12 with file datasource
  • Removed yellow line below progress text (fixed by

0.0.35 #

  • Fixed iOS black screen issue
  • Fixed full screen placeholder issue
  • Fixed event not firing in enterFullScreen and exitFullScreen
  • Fixed subtitles parsing issues

0.0.34 #

  • Added memory data source
  • Added factories: network, file, memory for BetterPlayerDataSource
  • Fixed missing useHlsTracks implementation
  • Fixed placeholder showing after full screen when using showPlaceholderUntilPlay
  • Added setControlsVisibility to BetterPlayerController
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed showControlsOnInitialize from BetterPlayerConfiguration. Use BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration to set showControlsOnInitialize parameter.
  • Fixed cupertino controls issue with hasError

0.0.33 #

  • Fixed BetterPlayerEvent visibility
  • Fixed lazy initialization, when first data source is passed after player finishes first render
  • Added selectedByDefault to BetterPlayerSubtitlesConfiguration
  • Fixed HLS tracks android native code
  • Updated example

0.0.32 #

0.0.31 #

  • Added showPlaceholderUntilPlay in BetterPlayerConfiguration
  • Fixed exception event not being triggered
  • Fixed controls not displaying on video finished

0.0.30 #

  • Fixed issue when full screen was triggered twice if autoPlay and fullScreenByDefault were enabled
  • Removed flutter_widgets, since it's not maintained anymore. Added instead visibility_detector package (by
  • Added rewind and forward buttons for android player.
  • Fixed player UI's jank
  • Added enableSkips and skipsTimeInMilliseconds in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration
  • Changed middle play button behavior (now it's only used for restart player).
  • Updated BetterPlayerControllerProvider visibility.
  • Override invalid dependency from wakelock library.

0.0.29+1 #

  • Updated readme

0.0.29 #

  • Fixed routePageBuilder usage from BetterPlayerConfiguration
  • Added overflowMenuIcon, playbackSpeedIcon, qualitiesIcon, subtitlesIcon, overflowMenuIconsColor to BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration
  • Added double tap to play/pause video (original idea by

0.0.28 #

  • Fixed subtitles overflow issue when transitioning between fullscreen and normal state
  • Added alignment and backgroundColor in BetterPlayerSubtitlesConfiguration

0.0.27 #

  • Added enableOverflowMenu option in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration (enable/disable overflow menu)
  • Added overflowMenuCustomItems in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration (show custom menu items in overflow menu)
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE] Removed defaultErrorText, loadingNextVideoText, liveText from BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration. To change these values, please use translations in BetterPlayerConfiguration.
  • Added BetterPlayerTranslations in BetterPlayerConfiguration. You can use it to setup translations of the player.

0.0.26 #

  • Added fullScreenAspectRatio and deviceOrientationsOnFullScreen to handle different full screen scenarios
  • Updated wakelock version

0.0.25 #

  • [BREAKING_CHANGE]: changed API in BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration: enableQualities replaces enableTracks.
  • Added support for different video resolutions
  • Fixed issue when full screen is being dismissed on changing subtitles

0.0.24 #

  • Added possibility to set multiple subtitles to video
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE]: changed API in BetterPlayerDataSource. Instead of one subtitles object, list of subtitles is required.

0.0.23 #

  • General bug fixes.
  • Added playerVisibilityChangedBehavior in BetterPlayerConfiguration.
  • Changed player behavior when player is not visible in viewport: if player was playing before leaving viewport it will be paused and if user views player again it will start playing automatically.
  • Added and BetterPlayer.file methods.
  • Changed iOS & Android native classes name to prevent conflict issues with video_player.

0.0.22 #

  • Added support for hls tracks (quality of the videos).
  • Added useHlsTracks and hlsTrackName in BetterPlayerDataSource.
  • Added CHANGED_TRACK event.
  • You can choose track from overflow menu. When there's no tracks to select "Default" will be selected.

0.0.21 #

  • Added enableSubtitles parameter.

0.0.20 #

  • Added rotation parameter in BetterPlayerConfiguration.

0.0.19 #

  • Added support for hls subtitles (BetterPlayer will handle them automatically).
  • [BREAKING_CHANGE]: changed API in BetterPlayerSubtitlesSource. To use old API, please use factory: BetterPlayerSubtitlesSource.single.
  • Added useHlsSubtitles parameter in BetterPlayerDataSource.
  • Added CHANGED_SUBTITLES event.
  • User can choose subtitles from overflow menu, when there's no subtitles selected, "none" options will be chosen.

0.0.18: #

  • Fixed loading issue when auto play video feature is enabled in playlist.

0.0.17 #

0.0.16 #

  • Added overflow menu.
  • Added playback speed feature (based on solution).
  • User can choose playback speed from overflow menu.
  • Added SET_SPEED event.

0.0.15 #

0.0.14 #

0.0.13 #

  • Changed channel name of video player plugin.
  • Fixed dispose issue in cupertino player.

0.0.12 #

0.0.11 #

  • Fixed iOS crash on dispose.
  • Added player headers support.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Dart Analysis refactor.

0.0.10 #

  • Added BetterPlayerListVideoPlayerController to control list video player.

0.0.9 #

  • Fixed setState called after dispose.
  • General bugfixes.

0.0.8 #

  • Fixed buffering indicator issue on Android.

0.0.7 #

  • Fixed progress bar scroll lag.

0.0.6 #

  • Fixed video duration issue.
  • Added HTML subtitles.

0.0.5 #

  • Added reusable video player.
  • Bug fixes.

0.0.4 #

  • Changed 'settings' to 'configuration'.
  • Removed unused parameters from configuration.
  • Documentation update.

0.0.3 #

  • Updated documentation.

0.0.2 #

  • Moved example project from better_player_example to example.

0.0.1 #

  • Initial release.