at_contacts_group_flutter 2.0.1
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A flutter plugin project to provide the group functionality with contacts using atprotocol.

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at_contacts_group_flutter #

A flutter plugin to provide group functionality for atsign contacts. Helps to manage contacts.

Getting Started #

This plugin can be added to the project as git dependency in pubspec.yaml

  at_contacts_group_flutter: ^1.0.0

Sample usage #

It is expected that the app will first create an AtClientService instance and authenticate an atsign.

The groups service needs to be initialised with the atClient from the AtClientService, current atsign and the root server.

        clientSdkService.atClientServiceInstance.atClient, currentAtSign,
        rootDomain: MixedConstants.ROOT_DOMAIN);

Navigating to the groups list is done simply by using:

      builder: (BuildContext context) => GroupList(),