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A Flutter package that provides an Emoji picker widget with 1500+ emojis in 8 categories.

platform flutter build Star on Github License: BSD-2-Clause

emoji_picker_flutter #

Yet another Emoji Picker for Flutter 🤩

Key features #

  • Lightweight Package
  • Faster Loading
  • Null-safety
  • Completely customizable
  • Material Design and Cupertino mode
  • Emojis that cannot be displayed are filtered out (Android Only)
  • Optional recently used emoji tab
  • Skin Tone Support
  • Custom-Font Support

Getting Started #

import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart' as foundation;
    onEmojiSelected: (Category category, Emoji emoji) {
        // Do something when emoji is tapped (optional)
    onBackspacePressed: () {
        // Do something when the user taps the backspace button (optional)
        // Set it to null to hide the Backspace-Button
    textEditingController: textEditingController, // pass here the same [TextEditingController] that is connected to your input field, usually a [TextFormField]
    config: Config(
        columns: 7,
        emojiSizeMax: 32 * (foundation.defaultTargetPlatform == TargetPlatform.iOS ? 1.30 : 1.0), // Issue: https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/28894
        verticalSpacing: 0,
        horizontalSpacing: 0,
        gridPadding: EdgeInsets.zero,
        initCategory: Category.RECENT,
        bgColor: Color(0xFFF2F2F2),
        indicatorColor: Colors.blue,
        iconColor: Colors.grey,
        iconColorSelected: Colors.blue,
        backspaceColor: Colors.blue,
        skinToneDialogBgColor: Colors.white,
        skinToneIndicatorColor: Colors.grey,
        enableSkinTones: true,
        recentTabBehavior: RecentTabBehavior.RECENT,
        recentsLimit: 28,
        noRecents: const Text(
          'No Recents',
          style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20, color: Colors.black26),
          textAlign: TextAlign.center,
        ), // Needs to be const Widget
        loadingIndicator: const SizedBox.shrink(), // Needs to be const Widget
        tabIndicatorAnimDuration: kTabScrollDuration,    
        categoryIcons: const CategoryIcons(),
        buttonMode: ButtonMode.MATERIAL,

See the demo for more detailed sample project.

Config #

property description default
columns Number of emojis per row 7
emojiSizeMax Width and height the emoji will be maximal displayed 32.0
verticalSpacing Vertical spacing between emojis 0
horizontalSpacing Horizontal spacing between emojis 0
gridPadding The padding of GridView EdgeInsets.zero
initCategory The initial Category that will be selected Category.RECENT
bgColor The background color of the Widget Color(0xFFF2F2F2)
indicatorColor The color of the category indicator Colors.blue
iconColor The color of the category icons Colors.grey
iconColorSelected The color of the category icon when selected Colors.blue
backspaceColor The color of the backspace icon button Colors.blue
skinToneDialogBgColor The background color of the skin tone dialog Colors.white
skinToneIndicatorColor Color of the small triangle next to multiple skin tone emoji Colors.grey
enableSkinTones Enable feature to select a skin tone of certain emoji's true
recentTabBehavior Show extra tab with recently / popular used emoji RecentTabBehavior.RECENT
recentsLimit Limit of recently used emoji that will be saved 28
replaceEmojiOnLimitExceed Replace latest emoji on recents list on limit exceed false
noRecents A widget (usually [Text]) to be displayed if no recent emojis to display. Needs to be const Widget! Text('No Recents', style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20, color: Colors.black26), textAlign: TextAlign.center)
loadingIndicator A widget to display while emoji picker is initializing. Needs to be const Widget! SizedBox.shrink()
tabIndicatorAnimDuration Duration of tab indicator to animate to next category Duration(milliseconds: 300)
categoryIcons Determines the icon to display for each Category. You can change icons by setting them in the constructor. CategoryIcons()
buttonMode Choose between Material and Cupertino button style ButtonMode.MATERIAL
checkPlatformCompatibility Whether to filter out glyphs that platform cannot render with the default font (Android). true
emojiSet Custom emoji set, can be built based on defaultEmojiSet provided by the library. null
emojiTextStyle Text style to apply to individual emoji icons. Can be used to define custom emoji font either with GoogleFonts library or bundled with the app. null

Backspace-Button #

You can add a Backspace-Button to the end category list by adding the callback method onBackspacePressed: () { } to the EmojiPicker-Widget. This will make it easier for your user to remove an added Emoji without showing the keyboard. Check out the example for more details about usage. Set it to null to hide the Backspace-Button.

Custom view #

The appearance is completely customizable by setting customWidget property. If properties in Config are not enough you can inherit from EmojiPickerBuilder (recommended but not necessary) to make further adjustments.

class CustomView extends EmojiPickerBuilder {
    CustomView(Config config, EmojiViewState state) : super(config, state);

    _CustomViewState createState() => _CustomViewState();

class _CustomViewState extends State<CustomView> {
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        // TODO: implement build
        // Access widget.config and widget.state
        return Container();

    onEmojiSelected: (Category category, Emoji emoji) { /* ...*/ },
    config: Config( /* ...*/ ),
    customWidget: (config, state) => CustomView(config, state),

Extended usage with EmojiPickerUtils #

Find usage example here

// Get recently used emoji
final recentEmojis = await EmojiPickerUtils().getRecentEmojis();

// Search for related emoticons based on keywords
final filterEmojiEntities = await EmojiPickerUtils().searchEmoji("face", defaultEmojiSet);

// Add an emoji to recently used list or increase its counter
final newRecentEmojis = await EmojiPickerUtils().addEmojiToRecentlyUsed(key: key, emoji: emoji);
// Important: Needs same key instance of type GlobalKey<EmojiPickerState> here and for the EmojiPicker-Widget in order to work properly

// Highlight emojis with custom style spans
final textSpans = EmojiPickerUtils().setEmojiTextStyle('text', emojiStyle: style);

// Clear list of recent Emojis
EmojiPickerUtils().clearRecentEmojis(key: key);

Feel free to contribute to this package!! 🙇‍♂️ #

Always happy if anyone wants to help to improve this package!

If you need any features #

Please open an issue so that we can discuss your feature request 🙏

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A Flutter package that provides an Emoji picker widget with 1500+ emojis in 8 categories.

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