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A highly customizable rich-text editor for Flutter. The AppFlowy Editor project for AppFlowy and beyond.

3.0.0 #

  • refactor: separated determineTextDirection function by @zoli in #809
  • fix: markdown to document with image url having properties after extension by @stevenosse in #795
  • fix: incorrect cursor position after new line by @LucasXu0 in #817
  • feat: command improvement by @Xazin in #825
  • fix: content jumping down and scrolling getting locked by @MayurSMahajan in #821
  • fix: underscore markdown syntax assertion by @LucasXu0 in #826
  • fix: cursor height is inconsistent after upgrading to Flutter 3.22 by @LucasXu0 in #827

2.5.1 #

  • chore: upgrade Flutter to 3.22.0 by @LucasXu0 in 797

2.5.0 #

  • feat: improve mobile selection by @richardshiue in 776
  • feat: support option/cmd + click to open link by @LucasXu0 in 787
  • fix: improve link menu position by @LucasXu0 in 786
  • fix: incorrect cursor movement behaviour by @Jei-sKappa in 751
  • fix: update selection from the delta by @LucasXu0 in 788
  • fix: replace_text by @q200892907 in 781
  • fix: cjk IME issues on Linux by @LucasXu0 in 791
  • fix: empty items disable context menu by @Xazin in 793
  • fix: remove heading node validation by @LucasXu0 in 803
  • chore: upgrade flutter dependencies by @LucasXu0 in 778
  • chore: provide an option to disable color parser by @LucasXu0 in 784

2.4.0 #

  • feat: provide an option to disable color parser by @LucasXu0 in 784
  • feat: improve mobile selection by @richardshiue in 776
  • feat: support option/cmd + click to open link by @LucasXu0 in 787
  • fix: improve link menu position by @LucasXu0 in 786
  • fix: incorrect cursor movement behaviour by @Jei-sKappa in 751
  • fix: update selection from the delta by @LucasXu0 in 788
  • fix: inline math equation issue by @q200892907 in 781
  • fix: cjk IME issues on Linux by @LucasXu0 in 791

2.3.4 #

  • feat: support customizing mobile page style by @LucasXu0 in 769
  • feat: add table style by @q200892907 in 766
  • feat: support auto complete for text block by @LucasXu0 in 764
  • fix: unable to select multiple words by @LucasXu0 in 761
  • fix: filter invalid text editing value by @LucasXu0 in 760
  • feat: combine diff operations by @LucasXu0 in 759
  • fix: delta insert error by @LucasXu0 in 758
  • feat: add more gesture interceptors by @Xazin in 757
  • feat: support remote selections by @LucasXu0 in 753
  • fix: late initialization error by @LucasXu0 in 750
  • feat: add diff document/nodes function by @LucasXu0 in 748
  • fix: render paragraph hot reload error by @LucasXu0 in 742
  • feat: disable converting heading block to numbered list block by @LucasXu0 in 740
  • fix: xtra space from numbered list item by @lming in 724
  • fix: disable tableActionHandler when the editorState is not editable by @Taverz in 733
  • feat: add fixed toolbar example by @LucasXu0 in 739

2.3.3 #

  • feat: word counter service by @Xazin in 706
  • feat: support scaling the svg by @LucasXu0 in 722
  • feat: support selecting word on iOS through long pressing by @LucasXu0 in 728
  • fix: Slash command menu bad positioning in Web Version by @dagyu in 709
  • fix: unable to export image block in markdown format by @rileyhawk1417 in 713
  • fix: unable to click the items in a long list by @LucasXu0 in 725
  • fix: resolve data loss issue during block type conversion by @LucasXu0 in 726
  • fix: unable to redo/undo in lists by @LucasXu0 in 727
  • fix: flutter analyze by @LucasXu0 in 730
  • chore: upgrade flutter version to 3.19.0 by @LucasXu0 in 719
  • chore: rename highlight color to background color by @LucasXu0 in 729

2.3.2 #

  • fix: platform api cause error on web platform.

2.3.1 #

  • feat: backslash to ignore shortcut event by @hyj1204 in #635
  • feat: support formatting greater hyphen to single arrow by @Jayaprakash-dev in #665
  • feat: parse nested numbered list by @pithuene in #674
  • feat: optimize Enter operation by @q200892907 in #673
  • feat: add contentInsertionConfiguration to editor and text input service by @stevenosse in #691
  • fix: the menu dismissed after selecting block style by @LucasXu0 in #670
  • fix: solve the problem that Chinese IME cannot continue deleting after deleting input content by @q200892907 in #672
  • fix: the magnifier doesn't disappear when the selection is collapsed by @LucasXu0 in #675
  • fix: headingBlockComponentBuilder doesn't use placeholderTextStyle by @LucasXu0 in #677
  • fix: unable to use slide gesture to close keyboard by @LucasXu0 in #676
  • fix: upgrade markdown to 7.2.1 by @Xazin in #686
  • fix: windows chinese ime issue by @q200892907 in #682
  • fix: add support for breakline and divider by @penkzhou in #690
  • chore: localize more items by @jpenna in #680
  • chore: fix pasting keeps current node by @jpenna in #689
  • chore: translate commands by @jpenna in #687

2.3.0 #

  • feat: support customizing cursor width by @LucasXu0 in #654
  • feat: support updating cursor position via spacebar by @LucasXu0 in #655
  • feat: add markdown divider encoder parser by @hamishjohnson in #639
  • fix: Chinese input issue by @q200892907 in #652
  • fix: move cursor up/down issues by @LucasXu0 in #657
  • fix: ignore parent gesture by @q200892907 in #660
  • fix: support character deletion while holding down the Shift key by @Jayaprakash-dev in #659

2.2.0 #

  • feat: support customizing the mobile magnifier by @LucasXu0 in (#625)
  • feat: support keep editor focus on mobile by @LucasXu0 in (#628)
  • feat: support clicking the selection area to disable floating toolbar by @LucasXu0 in (#632)
  • feat: adding an ability to have a link check before embedding by @johansutrisno in (#603)
  • feat: Add markdown link syntax formatting by @jazima in (#618)
  • feat: Table navigation using TAB key by @AnsahMohammad in (#627)
  • feat: improve android selection gesture by @LucasXu0 in (#647)
  • feat: improve ios touch gesture by @LucasXu0 in (#648)
  • fix: indent/outdent doesn't work in not collapsed selection by @LucasXu0 in (#626)
  • fix: renamed duplicated shortcut key by @AnsahMohammad in (#629)
  • fix: todo list lost focus by @LucasXu0 in (#633)
  • fix: resolve dead loop in node_iterator toList by @Linij in (#623)
  • fix: active hover on upload image by @johansutrisno in (#597)
  • fix:text_decoration_mobile_toolbar_padding by @q200892907 in (#621)
  • fix: android 14 issues by @LucasXu0 in (#649)

2.1.0 #

  • feat: show magnifier when dragging the handlers by @LucasXu0 in (#601)
  • feat: refactor keyboard height observer to support multiple listeners by @LucasXu0 in (#602)
  • fix: floating_toolbar_position_error by @q200892907 in (#598)
  • fix: selection menu positioning on right half of editor by @zoli in (#600)
  • fix: editor cannot scroll when editable is false by @LucasXu0 in (#599)
  • fix: markdown does not support nested lists by @JessicaJHee in (#611)
  • fix: input chinese issue by @q200892907 in (#608)
  • fix: header/footer focus issue by @q200892907 in (#607)
  • chore: upgrade to flutter 3.16 by @LucasXu0 in (#614)

2.0.0 #

  • feat: support Flutter stable channel by @LucasXu0 in (#581)
  • feat: support toggling format style when the selection is collapsed by @LucasXu0 in (#586)
  • feat: optimize editing experience on mobile by @LucasXu0 in (#592)
  • feat: support display number of the numbered list in latin or roman format by @q200892907 in (#595)
  • fix: don't rebuild mobile toolbar every time by @LucasXu0 in (#579)
  • fix: solve the left and right key bug by @q200892907 in (#584)
  • fix: unable to set toolbar icon theme by @LucasXu0 in (#596)

2.0.0-beta.1 #

  • feat: support Flutter stable channel by @LucasXu0 in (#581)

1.5.2 #

  • feat: show placeholder override for paragraph block by @Xazin in (#571)
  • feat: Checkbox unresponsive in custom Theme example in editor example app by @johansutrisno in (#543)
  • fix: quit editing button doesn't work by @LucasXu0 in (#5677)
  • fix: check if header exists for footer by @MayurSMahajan in (#559)
  • fix: 'PageStorage.of' returns null by @LucasXu0 in (#575)
  • fix: catch regex FormatException and show a corresponding error message by @sun-jiao in (#573)
  • chore: changed padding values and added borderRadius by @Kritarthsharma in (#567)
  • chore: refactor character replacement by @Xazin in (#570)

1.5.1 #

  • feat: toggledStyle notifier by @Xazin in (#562)
  • feat: power checkbox shortcut by @Xazin in (#553)
    • fix: Applied Corner Radius to Block Selection Area by @0xJaskeerat in (#557)
  • fix: do not select all if selection is null by @Xazin in (#563)
  • fix: on ui event reset selection type by @Xazin in (#55)
  • fix: image copy error width/height is double by @q200892907 in (#566)

1.5.0 #

  • feat: enable toggling and canceling of formatting with shortcuts by @LucasXu0 in (#528)
  • feat: disable the toolbar in the code block by @LucasXu0 in (#534)
  • feat: refactor logic for converting color string to Color in background_color_mixin.dart by @LucasXu0 in (#538)
  • feat: add an extra info parameter to the node by @LucasXu0 in (#539)
  • feat: support parsing the nested list when exporting the document to markdown format by @LucasXu0 in (#540)
  • feat: optimize editable features by @LucasXu0 in (#541)
  • feat: table HTML encoder and decoder added by @alihassan143 in (#449)
  • feat: support overriding i18n by @LucasXu0 in (#550)
  • feat: convert = and > to ⇒ by @Gen1us1100 in (#523)
  • fix: cursor blinks at the wrong location when inserting text by @LucasXu0 in (#529)
  • fix: pinyin IME on Linux by @LucasXu0 in (#531)
  • fix: unable to clear the style by toggling twice by @LucasXu0 in (#532)

1.4.4 #

  • feat: support customizing error block by @LucasXu0 in (#524)
  • feat: export JSON in mobile and update mobile_example.json by @hyj1204 in (#515)
  • feat: add regex and case sensitive to FindReplaceMenu by @sun-jiao in (#480)
  • feat: customize desktop toolbar style by @q200892907 in (#519)
  • feat: support RTL in toolbar by @1akhanBaheti in (#496)
  • feat: optimize the find and replace logic by @LucasXu0 in (#510)
  • feat: enable shift+press for selection range by @Xazin in (#512)
  • feat: image block revamp by @LucasXu0 in (#516)
  • fix: undo failed in a nested list in a special case by @LucasXu0 in (#503)
  • fix: the cursor will flicker one frame to its previous position by @LucasXu0 in (#506)
  • fix: delete the divider on mobile will raise an error by @LucasXu0 in (#508)
  • fix: unable to update selection sometimes when the editor lost focus by @LucasXu0 in (#509)
  • fix: search integration issues by @LucasXu0 in (#511)
  • fix: image block revamp issues by @LucasXu0 in (#517)
  • fix: impossible to click on any sub-items if the top level item is off-screen by @LucasXu0 in (#522)
  • fix: the selection should be clear if header or footer is focusing by @LucasXu0 in (#525)
  • fix: the selection handles remain on the screen after cutting the text (#526)

1.4.3 #

  • fix: the text within the <mark> tag didn't parse correctly when pasting HTML by @LucasXu0 in (#501)

1.4.2 #

  • fix: platform issue on Web by @LucasXu0 in (#498)

1.4.1 #

  • fix: build error on Flutter 3.13 by @LucasXu0 in (#488)

1.4.0 #

  • feat: adjust the loading large document optimization in mobile platform by @LucasXu0 in (#474)
  • feat: simplify auto scroll behavior in ScrollServiceWidget by @LucasXu0 in (#437)
  • feat: implement delta diff and provide external values by @LucasXu0 in (#444)
  • feat: add more showcases on the mobile platform by @LucasXu0 in (#479)
  • feat: add more showcases on desktop/mobile platform by @LucasXu0 in (#481)
  • feat: support customizing the record time by @LucasXu0 in (#461)
  • feat: bulk open links shortcut by @Tony-MK in (#419)
  • feat: optimize the performance by @LucasXu0 in (#442)
  • fix: request focus in find replace menu by @Xazin in (#440)
  • fix: remove unused check in non_delta_input_service by @LucasXu0 in (#447)
  • fix: unable to paste html contains section by @LucasXu0 in (#448)
  • fix: sometimes failed to paste content from google translation by @LucasXu0 in (#451)
  • fix: duration cannot be zero in animate by @Xazin in (#452)
  • fix: image upload on web by @garv-shah in (#453)
  • fix block selection area by @LucasXu0 in (#462)
  • fix: resolve RangeError when last row deleted. by @sun-jiao in (#470)
  • fix: resolve layout problem of FindMenuWidget by @sun-jiao in (#467)
  • fix: show reset color button even if one of the selected text was formatted by @LucasXu0 in (#476)
  • fix: selection area doesn't show if in the long selection by @LucasXu0 in (#477)
  • fix: DT_TOOLCHAIN_DIR path in Podfile for iOS and macOS by @LucasXu0 in (#483)
  • fix: respect default and last direction on new line and indent by @zoli in (#482)
  • fix: link menu overflow in right by @sun-jiao in (#478)
  • fix: resolve "Bad state: no element" when in-table paragraph deleted by @sun-jiao in (#471)
  • chore: add jumpTo to editor scroll service by @Xazin in (#466)
  • chore: update l10n by @sun-jiao in (#463)
  • chore: refactor attribute comparison in Delta class diff loop by @LucasXu0 in (#456)
  • chore: update Chinese l10n by @sun-jiao in (#445)
  • chore: migrate tests by @MayurSMahajan in (#438)
  • chore: refactor color conversion method to handle RGB and hex formatsRefactor method to handle RGB and hex formats, improving color conversion by @LucasXu0 in (#450)

1.3.0 #

  • feat: support table plugin by @zoli in (#62)
  • feat: support alignment for block component by @LucasXu0 in (#425)
  • feat: toggle highlight using ctrl/cmd + shift + h by @MayurSMahajan in (#333)
  • feat: refactor floating toolbar positioning logic by @LucasXu0 in (#422)
  • feat: default text direction property by @zoli in (#402)
  • fix: rect of the divider block is incorrect by @LucasXu0 in (#415)
  • fix: replace matches on the same node by @MayurSMahajan in (#418)
  • fix: update resizable image width calculation with minimum width constraint by @LucasXu0 in (#421)
  • fix: fixed the cursor not moving to next line after inserting divider by @Mukund-Tandon in (#371)
  • fix: html encoder not adding multiple text decorations by @alihassan143 in (#424)
  • fix: exception on prev node text direction null by @zoli in (#404)

1.2.4 #

  • feat: improve CJK IME support by @LucasXu0 in (#412)
  • feat: implement find dialog by @MayurSMahajan in (#106)
  • feat: improve functionality for pasting from html by @LucasXu0 in (#391)
  • feat: placeholder on paragraph when selected by @Xazin in (#390)
  • feat: double hyphen to em dash by @Xazin in (#395)
  • feat: skip whitespace between words while navigating with CTRL+ARROW keys by @johansutrisno in (#363)
  • feat: add support for context menu items to the editor by @LucasXu0 in (#410)
  • feat: add support for custom parser for markdown to document by @Mukund-Tandon in (#403)
  • fix: miss the nested node when copying by @LucasXu0 in (#406)
  • fix: refactor _onSelectionChange to update _showPlaceholder state more efficiently by @LucasXu0 in (#409)

1.2.3 #

  • feat: add edit link menu on mobile by @hyj1204 in (#320)
  • feat: html encode parser added by @alihassan143 in (#314)
  • feat: support scroll without animation by @LucasXu0 in (#343)
  • feat: expose context in nodeBuilder by @hyj1204 in (#350)
  • feat: paste plaintext shortcut by @MayurSMahajan in (#338)
  • fix: indent padding from left when rtl by @zoli in (#318)
  • fix: fixed numbered list being treated as a paragraph by @Mukund-Tandon in (#335)
  • fix: copy handler migrated to latest api by @alihassan143 in (#240)
  • fix: improve performance on editor overlays by @richardshiue in (#336)
  • fix: fixed the issue of code block not being exported in markdown by @Mukund-Tandon in (#347)
  • fix: fixed unresponsive behavior of context menu items by @Mukund-Tandon in (#349)
  • fix: selection reason should be ui event when clicking by @LucasXu0 in (#359)
  • fix: show selection menu at left by @zoli in(#361)
  • fix: selection menu respect current node direction by @zoli in (#359)

1.2.2 #

  • chore: minor updates to documentation.

1.2.1 #

  • feat: support collapsed list by @LucasXu0 in (#319)
  • feat: improve keyboard behavior in mobile toolbar by @hyj1204 in (#287)
  • feat: support for shift + home/end keys by @MayurSMahajan in (#306)
  • feat: delete right word with ctrl+delete by @MayurSMahajan in (#309)
  • fix: fix overflow in heading mobile toolbar menu by @hyj1204 in (#291)
  • fix: allow active toolbar widget color to be customized by @garv-shah in (#261)
  • fix: block selection overflow by @LucasXu0 in (#312)
  • fix: toolbar item tooltips are too responsive by @johansutrisno in (#315)

1.2.0 #

  • feat: added support for RTL and AUTO direction by @zoli in (#191)
  • feat: added support for customizing href behavior by @LucasXu0 in (#293)
  • feat: added support for delete key shortcut by @MayurSMahajan in (#272)
  • feat: added support customize the font family by @LucasXu0 in (#300)
  • fix: slash menu keyword not shows up the option by @johansutrisno in (#268)
  • fix: unable to access the slash menu on web platform by @LucasXu0 in (#303)
  • chore: change windows and linux command for redo by @MayurSMahajan in (#294)
  • chore: optimize the textSpan decorator by @LucasXu0 in (#290)
  • chore: remove the reference of the deprecated values by @LucasXu0 in (#304)

1.1.0 #

  • feat: support IME by @LucasXu0 in (#253)
  • feat: support text and background color in mobile toolbar by @hyj1204 in (#233)
  • feat: support broadcast the transaction before applying it by @LucasXu0 in (#226)
  • feat: support customizing text attribute key and rendering by @LucasXu0 in (#244)
  • feat: support customizing the block icon widget by @LucasXu0 in (#274)
  • feat: support uploading images from local files by @Mukund-Tandon in (#232)
  • feat: add underline syntax parser by @vedant-pandey in (#256)
  • feat: migrate the delta encoder by @LucasXu0 in (#277)
  • feat: support divider toolbar item in mobile by @hyj1204 in (#281)
  • feat: customized color options by @hyj1204 in (#270)
  • feat: support exiting link menu by ESC by @vincenzoursano in (#124)
  • fix: focus node doesn't work on mobile by @LucasXu0 in (#227)
  • fix: the cursor is inaccuracy when the text contains special emoji by @LucasXu0 in (#238)
  • fix: extend attribute keys shouldn't be sliced by @LucasXu0 in (#248)
  • fix: keep keyboard appearance as same brightness as system theme by @hyj1204 in (#264)

1.0.4 #

  • feat: support mobile drag selection by @LucasXu0 in (#209)
  • feat: support customizing number of the numbered list by @LucasXu0 in (#219)
  • feat: optimize the scroll service by @LucasXu0 in (#210)
  • feat: added code block support for conversion from markdown to document by @Mukund-Tandon in (#197)
  • feat: add underline shortcut by @AmanNegi in (#199)
  • feat: support IME in macOS by @LucasXu0 in (#221)
  • fix: behavior of home and end keys on windows by @MayurSMahajan in (#213)
  • fix: toolbar position at most top by @zoli in (#214)
  • fix: tabbing whitespace at the front will convert current paragraph into heading by @LucasXu0 in (#206)
  • fix: added default options to both text color and background color by @the-jasoney in (#208)
  • fix: numbered lists have issue with the dot by @LucasXu0 in (#217)
  • fix: unable to delete the divider via backspace by @LucasXu0 in (#216)
  • fix: mobile selection scroll should work on both side by @LucasXu0 in (#220)
  • fix: copy handler migrated to latest api by @alihassan143 in (#192)
  • chore: export key mapping file and fix outdent typo by @MayurSMahajan in (#207)

1.0.3 #

  • feat: clear selection automatically when editor lost focus by @LucasXu0 in (#194)
  • feat: support customizing the focus node of editor by @LucasXu0 in (#198)

1.0.2 #

  • feat: support mobile toolbar by @hyj1204 in (#161)
  • feat: support shrinkWrap by @LucasXu0 in (#186)
  • feat: support updating the character of shortcut event by @LucasXu0 in (#187)
  • chore: mark selectionMenuItems as deprecated ignored by @LucasXu0 in (#182)

1.0.1 #

  • feat: support inserting divider through *** by @glunkad in (#118)
  • feat: document to html encoder added by @alihassan143 in (#175)
  • fix: v0.1.0 bugs by @LucasXu0 in (#176)
  • fix: nested elements getting ignored by @alihassan143 in (#178)

1.0.0 #

  • chore: release 1.0.0

1.0.0-dev.4 #

  • fix: the background color of nested block component overflow by @LucasXu0 in (#172)
  • fix: upload image menu overflow by @LucasXu0 in (#172)
  • fix: merge the block component into the block which shouldn't render children block by @LucasXu0 in (#172)
  • fix: select all command doesn't work in nested list by @LucasXu0 in (#173)
  • fix: ignore delete operation if it's repeated by @LucasXu0 in (#173)

1.0.0-dev.3 #

  • fix: block selection size overflow by @LucasXu0 in (#169)
  • fix: the default index should be 0 in slash menu by @LucasXu0 in (#171)

1.0.0-dev.2 #

  • fix: toolbar item size by @LucasXu0 in (#167)
  • fix: scroll widget layout by @LucasXu0 in (#167)
  • fix: image align overflow by @LucasXu0 in (#167)
  • fix: editable parameter doesn't work by @LucasXu0 in (#167)
  • fix: fixed toolbar item tooltip description for embed code button by @Mukund-Tandon in in (#163)

1.0.0-dev.1 #

  • feat: rename delta keys and document keys by @LucasXu0 in (#153)
  • fix: floating toolbar overflow by @LucasXu0 in (#146)
  • fix: missing format when converting html to document by @alihassan143 in (#152)
  • fix: unable to delete node on the mobile platform by @LucasXu0 in (#154)

1.0.0-dev.0 #

  • feat: refactor the editor part for supporting the mobile platform by @LucasXu0 in (#129)
  • feat: upgrade flutter to 3.10.1 by @Xazin in (#136)
  • feat: support auto scroll after selection updated by @LucasXu0 in (#140)
  • fix: image placeholder border color by @nurmukhametdaniyar in (#119)

0.1.12 #

  • chore: minor updates to documentation.

0.1.11 #

  • feat: allow textPadding customization by @simonbengtsson in (#108)
  • fix: nested text node parser by @Xazin (#115)

0.1.10 #

  • feat: support single asterisk to italic by @Xazin in (#92)
  • fix: remove platform check in theme on web by @Xazin in (#91)
  • fix: improves cursor left word delete by @MayurSMahajan in (#8)
  • fix: one overlay entry for selection menu by @Xazin in (#82)
  • fix: changing heading from one level to another from toolbar by @LucasXu0 in (#96)

0.1.9 #

  • feat: dark mode improvement by @hyj1204 in (#90)
  • feat: shift+tab to outdent a indented bulletpoint or checkbox. by @MayurSMahajan in (#63)
  • fix: enter to outdent checkbox/bullet lists by @Xazin in (#84)

0.1.8 #

  • chore: minor updates to documentation.

0.1.7 #

  • feat: delete "sentence" shortcut by @Xazin in (#32)
  • feat: allow developer to change toolbar color as well as option to show default toolbar items and html to document converter added by @alihassan143 in (#58)
  • fix: add custom color selector for text by @Xazin in (#74)
  • fix: delete node does not propagate non null selection by @squidrye in (#45)
  • fix: lessen horizontal editor padding for mobile by @Xazin in (#70)
  • test: improve coverage by @Xazin in (#61)

0.1.6 #

  • fix: documentation typo issue by @Mukund-Tandon in (#36)
  • fix: avoid using Platform code in Web by @LucasXu0 in (#48)

0.1.5 #

  • feat: add em and divider support to html converter by @Xazin in (#27)
  • feat: alt + arrow key to move cursor one word by @Xazin in (#28)
  • fix: cannot edit image or see link menu if editorState is uneditable by @Xazin in (#30)
  • fix: Copy Paste on Web by @Akshay-akkay in (#33)
  • chore: add danish translations by @Xazin in (#34)
  • chore: Sync the latest code from AppFlowy by @LucasXu0 in (#41)
  • test: improve test coverage by @Xazin in (#23)
  • test: redo undo with text formatting by @MayurSMahajan in (#38)

0.1.4 #

  • chore: export editor style (#27).

0.1.3 #

  • chore: update the dependencies to the latest release by @LucasXu0 (#25).

0.1.2 #

  • fix: bug on node iterator with nested nodes by @LucasXu0 (#11).
  • fix: SVG display error in the latest version by @LucasXu0 (#12).
  • fix: Using the mouse to highlight text very easy to miss the first letter by @LucasXu0 (#13).
  • chore: fix some known issues by @LucasXu0 in (#14).

0.1.1 #

  • Relicense Appflowy Editor by @hyj1204.
  • Improve the toolbar user-experience by @LucasXu0.
  • Improve the test code coverage by @GouravShDev.

0.1.0 #

  • Support Flutter 3.7.5.

0.0.9 #

  • Support customize the text color and text background color.
  • Fix some bugs.

0.0.8 #

  • Fix the toolbar display issue.
  • Fix the copy/paste issue on Windows.
  • Minor Updates.

0.0.7 #

  • Refactor theme customizer, and support dark mode.
  • Support export and import markdown.
  • Refactor example project.
  • Fix some bugs.

0.0.6 #

  • Add three plugins: Code Block, LateX, and Horizontal rule.
  • Support web platform.
  • Support more markdown syntax conversions.
    • ~ ~ to format text as strikethrough
    • _ _ to format text as italic
    • ` ` to format text as code
    • []() to format text as link
  • Fix some bugs.

0.0.5 #

  • Support customize the hotkeys for a shortcut on different platforms.
  • Support customize a theme.
  • Support localizations.
  • Support insert numbered lists.
  • Fix some bugs.

0.0.4 #

  • Support more shortcut events.
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Update the documentation.

0.0.3 #

  • Support insert image.
  • Support insert link.
  • Fix some bugs.

0.0.2 #

Minor Updates to Documentation.

0.0.1 #

Initial Version of the library.