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Pure Dart library to easily integrate with any Cosmos-based chain.

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Alan.dart is a pure Dart package allowing you to easily integrate your Dart-based project with any Cosmos-based blockchain.

You can find the documentation on the official website.

Cosmos-SDK compatibility table #

Over time the Cosmos SDK has changed a lot, and many versions of it have been released. Since the development of this library started, we had to adapt to the 0.37.x and 0.38.x versions.

Recently, however, the Cosmos team decided that they would focus on building a LTS (Long Term Support) version of the SDK. This will be the 0.39.x version series.

For this reason, we decided that we will focus on building this SDK based on such version of the Cosmos SDK. However, we also released two versions of this library to be compatible with older Cosmos SDK versions:

  • Version 0.37.x compatible with all the Cosmos SDK 0.37.x release series
  • Version 0.38.x compatible with all the Cosmos SDK 0.38.x release series

Please note that those versions of the Alan.dart library will most probably not contain all the features of recent versions. We highly suggest you to update your Cosmos SDK version to 0.39.x and use the latest version of the Alan.dart library with it.

Getting started #

To start using this library inside your project, just edit your pubspec.yml file adding the following lines:

  alan: <version>

The latest available version is:
Pub Version

You can even use a specific GitHub tag or branch if you want:

      url: git://
      ref: <branch or tag>