alan 0.40.2+1
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Pure Dart library to easily integrate with any Cosmos-based chain.

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Alan.dart is a pure Dart package allowing you to easily integrate your Dart-based project with any Cosmos-based blockchain.

You can find the documentation on the official website.

Cosmos-SDK compatibility table #

Over time, we developed different versions of this library to be compatible with multiple Cosmos SDK releases. Following you can find the compatibility table that indicates which version you should use:

Cosmos SDK version(s)Alan.dart branch
v0.40.x, v0.41.x, v0.42.xmain

Getting started #

To start using this library inside your project, just edit your pubspec.yml file adding the following lines:

  alan: <version>

The latest available version is:
Pub Version

You can even use a specific GitHub tag or branch if you want:

      url: git://
      ref: <branch or tag>