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An ASN1 parser library for Dart. Encodes / decodes from ASN1 Objects to BER bytes

ASN.1 Parser for Dart #

Encodes & decodes ASN1 using BER encoding.

Samples #

Encoding #

import 'package:asn1lib/asn1lib.dart';

var s = ASN1Sequence();
s.add(ASN1OctetString('This is a test'));

// GET the BER Stream
var bytes = s

Decoding #

import 'package:asn1lib/asn1lib.dart';

// e.g. bytes from the Encoding Example
var p = ASN1Parser(bytes);
var s2 = p.nextObject();
// s2 is a sequence...

// relaxed parsing, returning a generic ASN1Object from (yet) unsupported structures, instead of throwing
var p2 = ASN1Parser(bytes, relaxedParsing: true);
var s3 = p2.nextObject();
// s3 is a sequence...

ASN1 Object classes #

The library has been most thoroughly tested against ASN1 primitive class types, such as strings, integers, sequences and sets.

There is minimal support for ASN1 Application, Context-specific and Private classes. If the parser encounters these tags, it will wrap them in an a corresponding object ( ASN1Application, ASN1ContextSpecific, ASN1Private). You can force decode these to another type, by doing something like this:

    var s = parser.nextObject();
    // We expect this is a context-specific class
    expect(s, isA<ASN1ContextSpecific>());
    // which is also an ASN1Object...
    expect(s, isA<ASN1Object>());
    // We expect this is a sequence, so "recast" to a sequence type
    var sequence = ASN1Sequence.fromBytes(s.encodedBytes);
    expect(sequence, isA<ASN1Sequence>()); 

Issues #

ASN1 parsing is complex, so bugs are expected. If you find a bug, please provide a test case that demonstrates the issue, along with the expected output. Bonus points if it is formatted as a dart test.

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An ASN1 parser library for Dart. Encodes / decodes from ASN1 Objects to BER bytes

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