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HTTP routing library for Dart.

Dart 2 incompatible

Fluro is a null-safe Flutter routing library that adds flexible routing options like wildcards, named parameters and clear route definitions.

AutoRoute is a declarative routing solution, where everything needed for navigation is automatically generated for you.

A Flutter package that makes navigation and routing easy on every platform.

A flutter library containing useful animations for routing .

Easily manage page navigation/routing in Flutter apps. Add page transition animations, log navigation events.

1、Support routing management without context,2、Support 'non-intrusive parameter passing' routing management,3、Airoute that makes you fall in love with routing management

Easily manage page navigation/routing in Flutter apps.

🧭 Describe your routing declaratively and handle deep links properly!

Flutter Control is complex library to maintain App and State management, Dependency Injection, Navigation with Routing, Localization and more..

A routing package that lets you navigate through guarded page stacks and URLs using the Router and Navigator's Pages API, aka "Navigator 2.0".

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