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Plugin for error catching which provides multiple handlers for dealing with errors when they are not caught by the developer.

Flutter plugin for Razorpay SDK. To know more about Razorpay, visit

A package that lets you to scan your CNIC and ID cards and all types of other cards. It support both Android and iOS and null safe.

This package helps you daily usable function and ready made Widgets with ease.

A Flutter Package that aims to simplify Flutter Firebase Authentication and streamline development.

Flutterwave's official library that wraps the standard implementation.

official sdk for v chat this is a complete chat ecosystem use flutter for clint node js and socket io for server side flutter chat v chat sdk

integrating API will be faster and doesn't take long, just configure the initial settings and you can use this helper freely.

A new Flutter package which helps developer in creating Otp screen with few lines of code.

A Bootpay plugin that provides payment api on Android, iOS and Web.

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