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Plugin for error catching. Allows handling errors when they're not catched by developer. Plugin provides multiple handlers for errors.

This package helps you daily usable function with ease. Just add nb_utils with its latest version and that's it you are ready to use.

A new Flutter package which helps developer in creating Otp screen with few lines of code.

A map widget with live position updates. Provides a controller to manage the map state.

Social Chat for Flutter android , iOS and flutter-web using firebase as backend services.

A Flutter UI package,include action sheet,badge,button,check list,datetime picker, field,index list etc...

A package for markdown editor widget, you can use pre-exist editors or customize the view to build yours.

Suga Core Package.

A new Flutter countdown project that can be used to send SMS verification code scenarios

Flutter plugin that allows you to detect and check mobile airplane mode callback functions on iOS and Android.

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