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The Flutter PDF is a library written natively in Dart for creating, reading, editing, and securing PDF files in Android, iOS, and web platforms.

⏩ A Flutter widget that scrolls text infinitely. Provides many customizations including custom scroll directions, durations, curves as well as pauses after every round.

Simple Flutter plugin to open the maps application (or browser) on all platforms.

Toggle Switch - A simple toggle switch widget. It can be fully customized with desired icons, width, colors, text, corner radius etc. It also maintains selection state.

A straightforward flutter form field validator that provides common validation options.

Flutter plugin to render PDF files on Web, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

Blast colorful confetti all over the screen. Celebrate in app achievements with style. Control the velocity, angle, gravity and amount of confetti.

A Flutter plugin providing performance optimized signature canvas with ability to set custom style, boundaries and initial state.

Flutter package that allows setting the web app URL strategy with a single line of code.

Flutter package that provides you custom clippers to help you achieve various custom shapes.

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