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A beautiful and highly customisable Flutter widget for entering pin code. Suitable for use cases such as login and OTP.

A Flutter package to parse text and make them into multiple Flutter Text widget.

A Flutter package that allows Android users to press the back-button twice to close the app.

Syncfusion Flutter Core is a dependent package for all the Syncfusion Flutter widgets.

Widgets starting auto play animation when mounted. It is already possible to animate the list and icons.

A package of formatters for international phone numbers, credit / debit cards and a masked formatter

A Flutter Sliders library for creating highly customizable and UI-rich slider, range slider, and range selector widgets for filtering purposes.

Flutter PDF Viewer library is used to display a PDF document seamlessly and efficiently.

Flutter port of the official YouTube iFrame player API. Supports web & mobile platforms.

i18n made easy for Flutter. With flutter_i18n you can make your app international, using just a simple .json file!