allowDragAndDrop property Null safety

bool allowDragAndDrop

Allows to drag and drop the appointment, to reschedule this into new date time.

Defaults to false.

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Note: This doesn't applicable when the view set as CalendarView.schedule. This doesn't applicable when the view set as CalendarView.month and CalendarView.timelineMonth in mobile layout.

This method must be implemented to get the data with business object type when drag and drop or appointment resizing enabled.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Scaffold(
    body: SfCalendar(
      view: CalendarView.month,
      showWeekNumber: true,
      allowDragAndDrop: true,
      dragAndDropSettings: DragAndDropSettings(
        allowNavigation: true,
        allowScroll: true,
        autoNavigateDelay: Duration(seconds: 1),
        indicatorTimeFormat: 'HH:mm a',
        showTimeIndicator: true,


final bool allowDragAndDrop;