onDragEnd property

AppointmentDragEndCallback? onDragEnd

Called when the dragging appointment is dropped in the SfCalendar.

The callback arguments contains the dropped appointment, dropping time, source and target resource details.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Scaffold(
    body: SfCalendar(
        view: CalendarView.month,
        showWeekNumber: true,
        allowDragAndDrop: true,
        dragAndDropSettings: DragAndDropSettings(
          allowNavigation: true,
          allowScroll: true,
          autoNavigateDelay: Duration(seconds: 1),
          indicatorTimeFormat: 'HH:mm a',
          showTimeIndicator: true,
        onDragEnd: (AppointmentDragEndDetails details) {
          dynamic appointment = details.appointment!;
          CalendarResource? sourceResource = details.sourceResource;
          CalendarResource? targetResource = details.targetResource;
          DateTime? draggingTime = details.droppingTime;


final AppointmentDragEndCallback? onDragEnd;