parseRRule static method

RecurrenceProperties parseRRule(
  1. String rRule,
  2. DateTime recStartDate

Returns the recurrence properties based on the given recurrence rule and the recurrence start date.

Used to get the recurrence properties from the given recurrence rule.

  • rRule - optional - recurrence rule for the properties required
  • recStartDate - optional - start date of the recurrence rule for which the properties required.

returns RecurrenceProperties.

See also:

DateTime dateTime = DateTime(2020, 03, 15);
RecurrenceProperties recurrenceProperties =
   SfCalendar.parseRRule('FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1;COUNT=1', dateTime);


static RecurrenceProperties parseRRule(String rRule, DateTime recStartDate) {
  return RecurrenceHelper.parseRRule(rRule, recStartDate);