todayTextStyle property Null safety

TextStyle? todayTextStyle

The text style for the today text in SfCalendar.

Defaults to null.

Note: The todayHighlightColor will be set to the day text in the view headers, agenda and schedule view of SfCalendar.

The font size property will be applied from the text style properties of view headers, agenda view and schedule views of SfCalendar.

Eg: For today in view header, the font size will be applied from the viewHeaderStyle.dayTextStyle property.

Using a SfCalendarTheme gives more fine-grained control over the appearance of various components of the calendar.

See also: ViewHeaderStyle, ScheduleViewSettings, MonthViewSettings, To know more about the view header customization refer here

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return Container(
     child: SfCalendar(
       view: CalendarView.month,
       todayTextStyle: TextStyle(fontStyle: FontStyle.italic,
                    fontSize: 17,


final TextStyle? todayTextStyle;