CalendarView enum Null safety

Available views for SfCalendar.


day → const CalendarView
  •, displays the day view.
const CalendarView(0)
month → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.month, displays the month view.
const CalendarView(3)
schedule → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.schedule, displays the schedule view.
const CalendarView(8)
timelineDay → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.timelineDay, displays the timeline day view.
const CalendarView(4)
timelineMonth → const CalendarView

CalendarView.timelineMonth, refers to the timeline month view in SfCalendar.

In timeline month view, current month dates are rendered as columns along a horizontal axis with each column representing a day in a month. See also: TimeSlotViewSettings For more about time slot views refer here

const CalendarView(7)
timelineWeek → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.timelineWeek, displays the timeline week view.
const CalendarView(5)
timelineWorkWeek → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.timelineWorkWeek, displays the timeline work week view.
const CalendarView(6)
values → const List<CalendarView>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<CalendarView>
week → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.week, displays the week view.
const CalendarView(1)
workWeek → const CalendarView
  • CalendarView.workWeek, displays the workweek view.
const CalendarView(2)


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