'Surface' Flutter Package

Null-Safety Support - as of v0.2.0+6

Animated GIF preview of Surface Example app

(Some details in the screenshot above are from an outdated version.)

🌟 Surface

is shapeable, layered, intrinsincally animated container Widget offering convenient access to blurring ImageFilters, Material InkResponse, and HapticFeedback.

📚 SurfaceLayer Container Division

Offers robust customization for a set app-wide style or on-the-fly changes.

  • Support for both Colors and Gradients in both 📚 SurfaceLayer BASE and MATERIAL layers.
  • Support for three different blur filters and their strengths.
    • The top-most of which can blur any InkResponse that occurs on the middle 📚 SurfaceLayer.
  • EdgeInsets may be divided amongst different 📚 layers by 🔛 Surface.padLayer.

🔘📐 Shape Customization

🔘 Surface.radius and 📐 SurfaceCorners parameter Surface.corners offer shape customization. The 🔘 baseRadius may be specified separately, but is optional and will only impact the 📚 SurfaceLayer.BASE.

🔲 SurfacePeekSpec for bespoke "peek" effect

MATERIAL inset or "border", the size of which is set by parameter 🔲 SurfacePeekSpec.peek.

  • Give special treatment, generally a thicker appearance, to selected side(s) by passing 🔲 SurfacePeekSpec.peekAlignment and tuning with 🔲 SurfacePeekSpec.peekRatio.

🔬 SurfaceFilterSpec defines 💧 Blur.ry backdrop ImageFilters

  • In configured 👓 SurfaceFilterSpec.filteredLayers Set
    • Whose radii (blur strength) are mapped with 💧 SurfaceFilterSpec.radiusMap
  • A 📚 SurfaceLayer.BASE filter may be extended through the Surface.margin with SurfaceFilterSpec.extendBaseFilter

👆 SurfaceTapSpec Controls Touch Feedback

  • If the 🌟 Surface is 👆 SurfaceTapSpec.tappable then 👆 SurfaceTapSpec.onTap VoidCallback becomes available.
  • Colors may be provided for InkResponse customization--though ThemeData defaults are accessed otherwise.
  • Finally consider a HapticFeedback shortcut SurfaceTapSpec.providesFeedback.

🔰 SurfaceShape Open to Grow

The class currently only responsible for the 📐 SurfaceCorners.BEVEL custom shape by 🔰 SurfaceShape.biBeveledRectangle.


  • 🌟 Surface - A shapeable, layered, animated container Widget
  • 🔲 SurfacePeekSpec - An Object with optional parameters to customize a 🌟 Surface's "peek"
  • 👆 SurfaceTapSpec - An Object with optional parameters to customize a 🌟 Surface's tap behavior
  • 🔬 SurfaceFilterSpec - An Object with optional parameters to customize a 🌟 Surface's blurring filters

🎊 Just a few extra goodies for fun.

  • 🏓 CustomInk - A delightfully bouncy and position-mirroring reaction to user input on a piece of Material
  • 🔦 WithShading Color extension
    • withBlack .withBlack(int subtract)
    • withWhite .withWhite(int add)
  • 🤚 DragNub A small, round "handle" indicator used to visualize impression of draggable material


  • Work in progress transfer from an Android application on which I am primarily focused.

    • Standard approaches and a bit of bespoke shape-crafting; more options should be available down the line.
    • The package currently includes a couple goodies that I use in my project. I would like to incorporate these extra features more tightly with Surface.
      • Color extensions Color.withBlack(int subtract) and Color.withWhite(int add) may be handy at least.
      • A modified SplashFactory called CustomInk is present in goodies.dart as well.
    • This is my first public package and I expect things may still be altered greatly.
  • Intrinsic animations of Surface.corners property change.

    • Currently there is a conditional swap where any Surface build method utilizes the Beveled Shape to a RoundedRect Shape.
    • Ideally, I believe, there would be a Decoration.lerp() involved.
    • This "aggravates" the simplicity of Surface to develop, but would provide a better end-user result: more accurate and performant animations that are just as easy to use. (Almost effortless? 😉)
  • Differed radius on SurfaceLayer.MATERIAL vs SurfaceLayer.BASE

    • Smaller inner radius gives a better aesthetic for nested shapes.
    • 🆕 Manual setting of Surface.radius or Surface.baseRadius available now.
  • Proposed SurfaceCornerSpec for Surface.corners property that allows customization of all four corners independently.

Surface Example

See some example usage of the Surface package for Flutter included here.


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