padLayer property Null safety

SurfaceLayer padLayer

Specify a 📚 SurfaceLayer as 🔛 padLayer to receive Surface.padding value.

By default, passed entirely to 📚 SurfaceLayer.CHILD, but optionally may be given to a 🔪 _clip within 📚 SurfaceLayer.MATERIAL before rendering 👶 child.

The effect with 🔛 padLayer = 📚 SurfaceLayer.MATERIAL can be neat with non-negligible Surface.padding as it adds a third customizable 📚 Layer to a 🌟 Surface.

❗ Special Case

Specifying 📚 SurfaceLayer.BASE is a special case in which Surface.padding is then split between 📚 MATERIAL and 📚 CHILD layers.


final SurfaceLayer padLayer;