shapeScaleChild property Null safety

double shapeScaleChild

Declare a double shapeScaleChild (defaults 1.0) that a 🌟 Surface will utilize when rendering its 👶 child 📚 SurfaceLayer.

Because the Surface.child is smaller than the 📚 SurfaceLayer.MATERIAL if there is padding involved by padLayer == SurfaceLayer.MATERIAL, and considering Shape has no child configuration: the 📚 MATERIAL shape may require "scaling" for use as the 📚 CHILD shape.

With default padLayer or without Surface.padding, the default 1.0 should be desirable. Otherwise, easily scale the Shape for 📚 SurfaceLayer.CHILD with this value.

If a smaller, inset version of 📚 MATERIAL Shape -- after scaling with any shapeScaleMaterial -- is considered 1.0, a value between 0.5 -> 1.0 may be desirable with non-negligible padding for the resultant Shape will have a smaller border/corner radius than the 📚 MATERIAL.


final double shapeScaleChild;