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Provides BouncyBalls, delightfully bouncy and position-mirroring ink splash reactions to user input on a piece of Material.

random splashFactory and color on every tap--bouncy balls!

See Example which corresponds to this animation.
Turn ink splashes for an InkWell, InkResponse or material Theme
into 🏓 BouncyBalls or 🔮 Glass BouncyBalls (marbles)
with the built-in InteractiveInkFeatureFactorys,
or design your own with đŸĒ€ BouncyBall.mold.

Ball Pit

Demo APK and source in /example.

BouncyBall.splashFactory - bounce: BouncyBall.splashFactory2 - bounce:
BouncyBall.splashFactory3 - bounce: BouncyBall.splashFactory4 - bounce:
BouncyBall.marbleFactory - bounce:

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🏓 Ball