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A Flutter widget that provides an easy to use animated drawer.
A new way to show advanced popup menu in Flutter, the package is a part of quds_ui_kit package.
A dart port of vCard JS by Eric J Nesser. Create vCards to import contacts into Outlook, iOS, Mac OS, and Android devices from your website or mobile application.
A package to show svg asset files in icon widgets, supporting responsive svg icons.
Flutter UI kit [(animating icons, buttons, texts, counter, digital clock) - page transitions - toasts - dialogs- pagination - splash screen ...etc ]
A sqflite expansion package that simplifies creating databases and tables, crud operations, queries with modelization
An easy localization (with customizing), with dynamic theme!
A wrapping of feather icons (.svg files), to be used with flutter_svg_icons package.
A simple state manager, states now are simple to reach, easy to save and restore.
A wrapping of helium icons (.svg files), to be used with flutter_svg_icons package.