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Use a widget to mask and blend another widget, for example to imprint text onto surfaces.
A page route, which reveals its page by expanding a circular clip from an anchor widget.
Unsplash provides free high-resolution photos. This is a client for their REST API.
A plugin which provides a Dart API for the User Messaging Platform (UMP) SDK, which is the Consent Management Platform (CMP) SDK provided as part of Google's Funding Choices.
A library of flutter sliver implementations, including for sticky headers and scroll position based animation.
Flutter plugin for reading IAB TCF v2.0 user consent information, such as made available through CMP SDKs, like Funding Choices's User Messaging Platform (UMP).
An animation Framework for Flutter. It is state-based, declarative, extensible, composable and easy to use.
Capture render tree data of a Flutter app, for visualization with Explo.
A tool for maintaining Dart comments. Supports formatting of comments, including embedded Dart code.
View elements in a global scene through local windows. Create effects which visually connect separate UI elements.