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HUAWEI Push Kit plugin for Flutter that exposes all the functionality provided by the HUAWEI Push Kit SDK.

HUAWEI Analytics Kit plugin for Flutter. Analytics Kit offers you a range of preset analytics models so you can gain a deeper insight into your users, products, and content.

HUAWEI Flutter Location Kit plugin combines the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wi-Fi, and base station location functionalities into your app.

HUAWEI Account Kit plugin for Flutter. It enables user login processes to be carried out quickly and easily with HUAWEI Account Kit's two factor authentication.

HUAWEI Map Kit plugin for Flutter. Huawei Map Kit, provides standard maps as well as UI elements for you to customize maps that better meet service scenarios.

HUAWEI IAP Kit plugin for Flutter. Huawei's In-App Purchases (IAP) service allows you to offer in-app purchases and facilitates in-app payment.

HUAWEI Scan Flutter Plugin scans all major 1D and 2D barcodes as well as generates barcodes to help you quickly build barcode scanning functions into your apps.

HUAWEI Availability Plugin for Flutter. It allows you to detect whether HMS Core apk is installed on a device.

HUAWEI Ads Kit plugin for Flutter utilizes Huawei's vast user base and extensive data capabilities to deliver targeted, high quality ad content to users.

HUAWEI Site Kit plugin for Flutter. With Huawei Site Kit, your app can provide users with convenient and secure access to diverse, place-related services.