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Dart package helping your app interact with WhatsApp via HTTP links (universal links). Works with Flutter.
Flutter's compute function made available for all non-Flutter Dart programs
Highly customizable activity indicator (spinner) for your Flutter apps based on the cupertino package.
Sweet Dart package to work with Twitter Web Intents. Follow, like, tweet, retweet, direct message on Twitter.
This tiny Flutter package help you hide the keyboard. With convenient helper methods and the KeyboardHider widget.
Command-line tool to sort JSON files by key and reusable sorted JSON encoder.
Command-line tool to provide null-safety percentage info of a project. Track your migration progress on mixed-version programs that execute with unsound null safety.
Common convert methods exposed as static extensions method from the Dart core library and the convert package. Base64, ASCII, UTF8, Latin1, JSON, and more.
The named HTML colors that you can use in your Flutter apps.
This simple package adds static extension methods and getters to the BuildContext context object from the widgets, material, and cupertino libraries.