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Freeze renders by showing an image instead of the rendered widget to reduce element tree counts
UI widgets with gradient support. Supports many widgets like Elevated/TextButton, FloatingActionButton, Icon, IconButton, Text, SelectableText etc with more to come.
Simple snackbar, requires the use of GetX
Super simple colored logging for the impatient developer
Synchronize a firestore document efficiently with json patching while decoupling the state updates from doc updates.
Throttle function calls on a cooldown while ensuring the last call eventually runs with leaky calls.
Adds directional widgets for padding to speed up padding widgets
Use Map<int, T> instead of List<T> for json patching efficiency, an extension for maps to use list methods on them when the key is an int (index)
Threshold string compression with multiple GZip, LZString, ZLib, BZip2
Write in bits instead of bytes for packing data tighter, and increasing headaches.