webdriver 2.1.2
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Provides WebDriver bindings for Dart. Supports WebDriver JSON interface and W3C spec. Requires the use of WebDriver remote server.

2.1.2 #

  • Updated to latest version of sync_http.

2.1.1 #

  • Forward-compatible fix for upcoming Dart SDK breaking change (HttpClientResponse implementing Stream<Uint8List>)

2.1.0 #

  • Full support of JsonWire and W3C protocol specs in sync and async WebDriver.

2.0.0 #

  • Dropped support for pkg:unittest.
  • Add W3C spec mouse and keyboard support.
  • Remove deprecated methods in async WebDriver.

The two big changes are the addition of support for synchronous communication via the package:sync_http (along with an accompanying synchronous API) and support for the W3C spec.

Currently, only the synchronous API supports the W3C spec, but in the future both asynchronous and synchronous APIs will support this.

1.2.4 #

  • Adds null check for status before checking status code. Avoids throwing exceptions if status code is not present. (Due to oversight this was never properly released.)

1.2.3 #

  • Enable generics for waitFor.

1.2.2+1 #

  • Disable generics for waitFor.

1.2.2 #

  • Refactor tests.
  • Make project buildable and testable with Bazel.

1.2.1 #

  • Enable redirects to handle 303 responses from Selenium.

1.2.0 #

  • Fix all strong mode errors.

1.1.1 #

  • Fix some analyzer warnings.
  • _performRequest now uses whenComplete, not finally (#119).

1.1.0 #

  • Added WebDriver.captureScreenshotAsBase64(), which returns the screenshot as a base64-encoded string.
  • Added WebDriver.captureScreenshotAsList(), which returns the screenshot as list of uint8.
  • Deprecated WebDriver.captureScreenshot() due to bad performance (#114). Please use the new screenshot methods instead.
  • Removed dependency on crypto package.

Thanks to @blackhc and @xavierhainaux for the contributions.

1.0.0 #

No functional change, just bumping the version number.

0.10.0-pre.15 #

  • Add Future-based listeners to web_driver.dart.
  • Use google.com/ncr to avoid redirect when running outside US
  • Add chords support to keyboard.dart.
  • Add enum for mouse buttons (breaking API change!)

0.10.0-pre.14 #

  • Adds support for enabling/disabling listeners to WebDriver.
  • Adds awaitChecking mode to Lock class.

0.10.0-pre.13 #

  • Lots of cleanup and new features.

0.10.0-pre.12 #

  • Adds a Stepper interface and StdioStepper which allows control of execution of WebDriver commands.

0.10.0-pre.11 #

  • Improve exception stack traces.
  • Add option to quit() to not end the WebDriver session.

0.10.0-pre.10 #

  • Minor updates.

0.10.0-pre.9 #

  • Adds command listening.

0.10.0-pre.8 #

  • Add support/forwarder.dart.
  • Move async_helpers.dart to support/async.dart.

0.10.0-pre.7 #

  • Fix expect implementation.

0.10.0-pre.6 #

  • Fixes to pubspec.
  • Added missing copyright notices.

0.10.0-pre.4 #

  • Various cleanup.
  • Change captureScreenshot to return Stream.

0.10.0-pre.3 #

  • Rename some methods.
  • Add WebDriver.get() and remove WebDriver.navigate.to().

0.10.0-pre.2 #

  • Added close() method to CommandProcessor that gets called by WebDriver.quit().
  • Ensure that HttpClient in _IOCommandProcessor gets closed.
  • Add fromExistingSession() functions to allow creation of WebDriver instances connected to existing sessions.

0.10.0-pre.1 #

  • Isolate HTTP code from the rest of the WebDriver implementation.
  • Create support for running WebDriver from inside browser.
  • Other cleanup.
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Provides WebDriver bindings for Dart. Supports WebDriver JSON interface and W3C spec. Requires the use of WebDriver remote server.

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