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An Appium binding for Dart. Support WebDriver W3C spec inheriting webdriver.dart.

Provides client and server functionality for setting up bi-directional communication through Server Sent Events (SSE) and corresponding POST requests.

A library used to spawn the Dart Developer Service, used to communicate with a Dart VM Service instance.

A service that proxies between the Chrome debug protocol and the Dart VM service protocol.

A client for the Chrome DevTools Protocol (previously called the Webkit Inspection Protocol).

A CLI for Dart web development. Provides an easy and consistent set of features for users and tools to build and deploy web applications with Dart.

Supports the creation of page objects that can be shared between in-browser tests and WebDriver tests.

A simple HTTP proxy for webdev's serve command. Supports apps that use HTML5 routing by rewriting 404s to the root index.

Flattery is a library for building HTML elements using Widgets.

LoKV is a platform-independent embedded key-value database that runs on desktops, mobile devices, web browsers, and any platform that has a Dart or JavaScript runtime.

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