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Bottom navigation bar, it has unique water drop effect. When water droplet falls it marks seleted item.

Water Drop Nav Bar

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Design Credit & screen recording #

Animated Tabbar by Cuberto

How to use? #


Add water_drop_nav_bar: to your pubspec.yaml dependencies then run flutter pub get



Add this line to import the package.

import 'package:water_drop_nav_bar/water_drop_nav_bar.dart';

Add WaterDropNavBar() as bottomNavigationBar of Scaffold() and body would be PageView() with NeverScrollableScrollPhysics() don't try to upate the seleted index from onPageChanged or will see some weird behaviour. Insted of PageView() You can use Stack() or AnimatedSwitcher for custom page transition animation.

API Reference

barItems → List<BarItem>

  • List of bar items that shows horizontally, Minimum 2 and maximum 4 items.

onItemSelected → OnButtonPressCallback

  • Callback When individual barItem is pressed.

selectedIndex → int

  • Current selected index of the bar item.

backgroundColor → Color

  • Background Color of the bar.
    optional [Colors.white]

waterDropColor → Color

  • Color of water drop which is also the active icon color.
    optional [Color(0xFF5B75F0)]

inactiveIconColor → Color

  • Inactive icon color by default it will use water drop color.
    optional [waterDropColor]

iconSize → double

  • Each active & inactive icon size, default value is 28 don't make it too big or small.
    optional [28]

bottomPadding → double

  • Additional padding at the bottom of the bar. If nothing is provided the it will use [MediaQuery.of(context).padding.bottom] value.

Do and don't #

  • Don't make icon size too big.
  • Use complementary filled and outlined icons for best result.
  • backgroundColor and waterDropColor of WaterDropNavBar() and Scaffold()'s backgroundColor (or whatever widget you are using) must be different (see the example app) This will visualize that the water drop is hanging from the top.

Short example

 return Scaffold(
      body: PageView(
      physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),       
      controller: pageController,
      bottomNavigationBar: WaterDropNavBar(
        backgroundColor: Colors.white,
        onItemSelected: (index) {
          setState(() {
            selectedIndex = index;
              duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 400),
              curve: Curves.easeOutQuad);
        selectedIndex: selectedIndex,
        barItems: [
            filledIcon: Icons.bookmark_rounded,
            outlinedIcon: Icons.bookmark_border_rounded,
              filledIcon: Icons.favorite_rounded,
              outlinedIcon: Icons.favorite_border_rounded),

Issues ❗️ #


Some android phones might have black navigation bar, this looks ugly. It's recommended to wrap Scaffold with AnnotatedRegion<SystemUiOverlayStyle> to change that black navigation bar color to WaterDropNavBar backgroundColor. Check the example app. Like this 👇

return AnnotatedRegion<SystemUiOverlayStyle>(
      value: const SystemUiOverlayStyle(
        //this color must be equal to the WaterDropNavBar backgroundColor
        systemNavigationBarColor: Colors.white, 
        systemNavigationBarIconBrightness: Brightness.dark,
      child: Scaffold(
        body: // code here

result 👇

You can additionally provide some bottomPadding to add padding at the bottom of the bar, I think 8 is enough.


iPhones without swipe home gesture might have such issue where icons are pushed to the bottom. Provide some bottomPadding. I added 8 padding here.

result 👇

Now you might ask how do you know which phone is using swipe home gesture?

Well, you can check bottom padding (using MediaQuery.of(context).padding.bottom) and if it's less than 34 or something then provide some bottom padding. Definitely try running different simulators and see.


  • How do I change the height?

The height must be constant because the animation is in vertical direction. According to me 60 is perfect. But if you think needs to be reduced then please create an issue with a screenshot. I will see if I can do something.

  • How do I add drop shadow?

Wrap WaterDropNavBar with DecoratedBox or Container and pass BoxDecoration to decoration property. BoxDecoration takes list of boxShadow there you can pass your drop shadow.

      decoration: BoxDecoration(
        boxShadow: [
              color: Colors.black.withOpacity(0.2),
              offset: Offset(0, 4),
              blurRadius: 8.0)
      child: WaterDropNavBar()
  • How do I change the corner radius of the navigation bar?

Wrap WaterDropNavBar with ClipRRect and pass BorderRadius to borderRadius property.

      borderRadius: const BorderRadius.vertical(
        top: Radius.circular(16),
      child: WaterDropNavBar(

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Bottom navigation bar, it has unique water drop effect. When water droplet falls it marks seleted item.

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