Water Drop Nav Bar

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Demo Screen recording

Design Credit

Animated Tabbar by Cuberto

How to use?

API Reference

barItems → List<BarItem>

  • List of bar items that shows horizontally, Minimum 2 and maximum 4 items.

onItemSelected → OnButtonPressCallback

  • Callback When individual barItem is pressed.

selectedIndex → int

  • Current selected index of the bar item.

backgroundColor → Color

waterDropColor → Color

  • Color of water drop which is also the active icon color.
    optional Color(0xFF5B75F0)

inactiveIconColor → Color

  • Inactive icon color by default it will use water drop color.
    optional waterDropColor

iconSize → double

  • Each active & inactive icon size, default value is 28 don't make it too big or small.
    optional 28

bottomPadding → double

Add WaterDropNavBar() as bottomNavigationBar of Scaffold() and body would be PageView() with NeverScrollableScrollPhysics() don't try to upate the seleted index from onPageChanged or will see some weird behaviour. Insted of PageView() You can use Stack() or AnimatedSwitcher() for custom page transition animation.

Keep that in mind this navigation bar is taller than normal for small screen it might cover more screen real estate.

Do and don't

  • Don't make icon size too big.
  • Use complementary filled and outlined icons for best result.
  • backgroundColor and waterDropColor of WaterDropNavBar() and Scaffold()'s backgroundColor (or whatever widget you are using) must be different (see the example app) This will visualize that the water drop is hanging from the top.
  • For android I highly recommend to wrap Scaffold with AnnotatedRegion<SystemUiOverlayStyle> to get best result, check example app I implemented it.


Add water_drop_nav_bar: to your pubspec.yaml dependencies then run flutter pub get



Add this line to import the package.

import 'package:water_drop_nav_bar/water_drop_nav_bar.dart';
 return Scaffold(
      body: PageView(
      physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),       
      controller: pageController,
      bottomNavigationBar: WaterDropNavBar(
        backgroundColor: Colors.white,
        onItemSelected: (index) {
          setState(() {
            selectedIndex = index;
              duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 400),
              curve: Curves.easeOutQuad);
        selectedIndex: selectedIndex,
        barItems: [
            filledIcon: Icons.bookmark_rounded,
            outlinedIcon: Icons.bookmark_border_rounded,
              filledIcon: Icons.favorite_rounded,
              outlinedIcon: Icons.favorite_border_rounded),
            filledIcon: Icons.email_rounded,
            outlinedIcon: Icons.email_outlined,
            filledIcon: Icons.folder_rounded,
            outlinedIcon: Icons.folder_outlined,